Question Rainbow Six Siege dropping to 1 frame

Jun 9, 2019
howdy, im sure y'all have read articles on siege being dumb with other peoples computers, and before you tell me my PC specs are garbage. i know they are so you don't have to say it.....
Specs Intel Core i5 3350P
Asrock Extreme 3 Z77 mobo
MSI Twin Frozr III GTX660 video
16GB Corsiar Dom DDR3 Rams
860I Corsair Power

so yeah as the title says, I'm playing the game and all of a sudden i'll just drop to one fram for like a good 2-5 seconds (and then i'm usually dead after that woo woo) but its getting rather infuriating. i'm playing on the lowest settings thinking that'll help my issue... it does not. then i played siege on my amigos computer who has almost the exact same specs as mine, hes just running a different motherboard. and he does drop to one frame too, but its only like a second (if that) Ive tried fullscreen, windowed borderless, windowed, changing my FoV, complete reinstallation of the game AND drivers.... everything i can think of, with no avail. so i'm stumped. maybe here i can find someone to help me with my problem?
Don't run at all lowest settings...
The game runs it's threads at a very high priority if they also run at a very high utilization ( % ) because of high FPS it causes the freezes,increase your settings to reduce strain on the threads.