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Mar 18, 2019
I'm doing my first PC build and as far as I'm aware I assembled everything correctly but for some reason one of my two ram cards isn't being registered and I tried taking them both out and swapping places but still no luck and now I'm kinda hesitant to go back in and do more because when I did the area between the ram and power plugin on the motherboard got really hot... so if you have any suggestions about whether I should try to fix it and how or if I should take it to a repair place that'd be super helpful.

OS-Windows 10

Motherboard-Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H

Power supply-EVGA 400 N1 400W

RAM-Patriot Signature Line 8GB (2 x 4GB) 288-pin DDR4 PC4-17000 2133MHz

CPU-AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Processor with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics

Edit: After reading a couple posts I'm thinking it could be something I did or didn't do within the settings? If it could be related to that help would be appreciated...
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Feb 4, 2016
Ram is non-qvl with raven ridge doesn't want to play dual channel even at default spd

Model/part number patriot sig brand PSD48G2133K

The qvl patriots are


search model number for specifications and price

The patriot memory finder doesn't list any support for the a320m

Search each model/part number on

Or use vendor memory finder to filter compatible dimms eg. adata/gskill/corsair/etc. There are none on patriot site for it.

Send your dimms back say bought in error non qvl/if vendor stocks your selected dimms from qvl ask if can part exchange.

Things you could consider: Running a single 2933mhz dimm single channel of the desired capacity eg. 8gb or 16gb. More is pricier tho.

The manual says it supports up to 2667 but some have also tried

ddr4 3000 memory in dual channel in the above example they were using the stock cpu cooler and temps were too high. and the cpu was an r5 1500. You might have to run it single channel to get 2933/3000 with xmp. That is 1x 8 or 16gb dimm. On Raven Ridge.

Also all the 16gb dimms are dual rank/double sided not single sided. Saying that because other mobo. vendors specify that the dimms have to be single rank to run at hi speed with xmp. eg. this horrible table for raven ridge on asrock Pro4/index.asp#Specification

If not sure then you will have to ask Gigabyte what mode/rank dimms supposedly supports xmp 2933/3000mhz. on Raven Ridge. There are some 3000mhz dimms on their qvl.

Do not buy single dimms at different times and think they should be compatible either. You must buy the full amount of memory you think you want now in a matched kit. You cannot later add dimms. If you later want to add more memory you must discard(sell) old memory and buy a new full kit of the full capacity that you desire that is on the qvl for the board. Or they simply won't be compatible and you will encounter inexplicable glitches if the board even starts at all.
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