Question Ram frequency problem

Aug 17, 2019
Hello guys

i need your help ! Today i bought a new MB And Cpu
H310M-pro vh
i5 9400
i got too many bsod after complete the setup of the pc different bsod reasons
is that because my DDR4 8gb ram with 2400mhz
and the memory type in intel site for i5 9400 is 2666
can the frequency cause BSOD
i run the ram diagonse tool and the status
Hardware problems were detected
Is this mean i got a problem with my ram or i should upgrade it ?

PC Tailor

Welcome to the forums my friend!

The speed should not really make a difference. It would simply set to a default working value.
If you ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and it found errors, replace the RAM.
Older motherboards are set to get support for Intel’s 9th Gen processors.

The 9400 CPU requires BIOS version VB33v15 or higher. If you can get into BIOS, you can see what version you have and be able to update the version if needed. Otherwise you need to install a different CPU that works with earlier BIOS versions to get the BIOS update completed.

Slower RAM speed will cause less than optimal performance.