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Dec 23, 2018
Hi Guys,

I just purchased some RAM from Kingston which was supposed to be 2x 8GB DDR4 3200MHz HyperX Fury but what turned up was HyperX Predator and the box states that it's 3200 but when I plug the sticks into my PC and load up CPU-Z the Fury sticks are running with a max bandwidth of 1600 MHz but when I select the Predator sticks they're running at 1200MHz so I am wondering if they have sent me 2400MHz sticks instead? I am going off CPU-Z but I have since removed the Predator sticks form my PC just incase but happy to put them back in to find out any additional information as it didn't occur to me to check Task Manager
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This type of question has popped up a lot over the last few days , on the task manager performance tab click on the ram box , what does it say your ram speed is.
If i am reading your post correctly you talk about fury and predator so am i right in thinking you had fury in and added the predator , if i am right are all the sticks 8gb and the same MHz , if you have different MHz then the lower one will pull down the performance of the higher one.

Another thing to check is does your mobo have XMP , if so you need to see if its enabled , this video will show you how and should let your ram operate at its correct MHz

A Beginners Guide: What is XMP? and How To Enable Your RAM's XMP. - Bing video