[SOLVED] Ram issue with 4 sticks

Apr 14, 2021
I bought 2 8gb sticks of hyperX fury rgb at 3200mhz and decided to buy 2 more of the same exact ram. This worked for about 5 houres and then just gave a blue screen. After this I did a bios flash and this fixed the problem for another 4 houres then gave me a blue screen again. This seemed to break my ram and then I got a replacement kit but I seem to have the same problems after about 6 houres.
I also tried diffrent ram combinations but nothing seems to work. I have a ryzen 7 3700X, msi b550 a pro, zotac RTX 3060 ti, 1TB kingston a2000 SSD. 2 sticks work perfectly. Also when I had the problems I was using a wraight prism cooler. Now I have a corsair H100I elite and havent tried 4 sticks with it yet.

Is there somebody that has had the same problem or something similar?
Sorry for my bad English.
Greetings Laurens