Question Ram went down from 8gb to 4 while i was in a game


May 24, 2020
I noticed that a game was lagging a lot and than i went to task manager and realized that my ram was at 95% and that it went from 8 to 4 usable. Now the problem is that i have 4 sticks of 2gb and its very weird that 2 of them stop working at the same time? They are detected for example on this pc properties i could see 8gb 3.92 usable, i reseated the ram and changed slots and its on 8 again. I was removing gpu day before this and when i put it back everything was fine aswell, im getting an upgrade soon and i dont really care about this ram i just wonder if it couldve been a software issue. Also before i reseated the ram i restared the pc and it was same.


Most likely one of the RAM modules just crept a bit loose. That can happen as a result of heat related expansion/contraction and/or vibrations.

Before you purchase more RAM be sure to double check the motherboard's User Guide/Manual for both supported RAM and RAM configurations.

You should also check the motherboard's manufacturer's website for more up-to-date information. Specifically the QVL (Qualified Vendors List).

Details matter.