Jan 7, 2012
Hi! I'm new here and new to computers so please forgive my ignorance. I tried to look this up but I don't see anything on it. Maybe I'm using search wrong.

A friend of mine is going to let me use a motherboard of his until I can get a new one. My old one had an unfortunate run in with an eletrical storm. Yes, I learned my lesson, surge protector!

He said that it was weird that the only thing fried was my motherboard. All my other stuff was ok.

The motherboard he is letting me use is a Biostar H61MGC, the problem is RAM related. The RAM I have is 1600 while that board says it will take 1333. Will using that RAM, even though there is no GSkill RAM listed as compatible, be usable on the motherboard? I'm in a pinch, I can't buy new RAM at the moment.

Please help!

Hi AmandaDunn and welcome to Tom's Hardware forum.

The mobo should work just fine, even if the RAM is not on the Qualified Vendor's List (QVL), in any way it will not damage it or vice versa.

It will down clock the RAM as needed automatically.

Mobo or the components can be easily damaged with static electricity.

Even if u would vacuum the case inside, it may short some components like USB or Ethernet or audio inputs!