Question Random 1 second black screen on 2nd monitor, any suggestions?

Nov 25, 2022
Afternoon all, having a really annoying issue with my 2nd monitor, it randomly goes black for a second, this happens very infrequently and I can't pinpoint the issue. Its a 60hz monitor, whereas my main monitor is 144hz, I will list the details below.
I've tried replacing the HDMI cable, power cable, disabling hardware acceleration on multiple apps to no avail. Its certainly not impacting things much but its very annoying. I'm wondering whether its the new Nvidia driver? Only thing I can think of (its an RTX 3060ti by the way)

The monitor in question is a BenQ RL2755HM, as I said its a 60hz monitor whereas my main AOC monitor is 144hz, but this has been the case for years and I've never had an issue before.
Any further suggestions would be great, thank you!
HDR a feature that is for brightness that will sometimes cause that to happen when it switches on and off. is it happening when you open an application or close out of one? if yes, than it is likely HDR and you can turn it off in settings or possibly your monitor's menu. i have that going on and on am on m y wit's edge with HDR , I can never get it to work correctly to the point where I'm satisfied