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  1. J

    Question My monitor screen turns off and on ?

    I have an Asus single fan gtx 1050ti graphics card. I have a 2560x1440 144hz monitor. My monitor screen turns off and on, usually in games and sometimes on internet sites. For example, when I look at the air in the FPS game, my monitor does turn off and on. when I look at the ground it fix, and...
  2. jefrey1983

    Question Is my monitor broken? Been using it for 6 months only

    Hi Guys. Do you think my monitor is broken? I am getting random lines. It just went like that while I was basically doing nothing since I am on dual monitor I removed the HDMI plug on that video to see if it is the cable but still getting those
  3. Maxito_O

    Question Monitor looks blurry when I move the camera. Every game with every fps.

    Hi! My monitor is Lg Ultragear 27gl83a-b. It is said everywhere that it is a very good monitor. I don’t know why, but it adds a strange blur when moving. If I do not look around, everything is fine! l’m desperate, can not play for a long time, this blur is so unpleasant. It doesn't matter what...
  4. H

    Question What is the cause of this transparent line on my laptop display?

    I have a Asus Zenbook ProDuo and a transparent line appeared on the screen. I usually keep it connected to another display. The second display does not present the line. I am not 100% sure, but I think the line appeared when I disconnected the HDMI cable. Here is a video: View...
  5. imranfp

    Question Bought an excellently certified refurbished Asus TUF Gaming F15 and unfortunately having some issues which i am not sure are software or hardware of t

    Hi all- 2 main issues here: it doesn't connect to my (most capable) external monitor at 144hz, instead running at 120hz. What's weird is that my internal laptop screen itself is 144hz IPS so not quite sure what to make of this? Is it a software fault or is my laptop actually incapable of...
  6. F

    Question VSync now creates noticable input lag ?

    I've been playing this computer for about a year, with every game running VSync, and there was no input lag. Then out of nowhere, for some reason every game now suffers from horrendous input lag whenever VSync is on. Could this be a bugged monitor, it's an MSI MAG271CR that I got 3 years ago ?
  7. Z

    Question Monitor turns off for a few seconds when G-Sync is on

    Hi, I have a problem with the new Philips 279M1RV/00 monitor I bought recently. In general, it is fine, but I have one problem - if g-sync is on, sometimes in games, the screen just turns off for a few seconds and then turns back on as if nothing happened (no system messages on the screen), but...
  8. jtann

    Question Audio and video cutout and robotic sounding issue

    So recently I am having an issue where if i am watching a video or doing anything the whole screen and video starts lagging while the audio starts sounding very robotic and cutting out on my pc for a good 10 seconds. Even my cursor lags when that happens and it’s hard to explain but the whole...
  9. TheNagazai

    Question Monitor flcikers when at 144hz but not on 120hz

    Hi. My monitor does this when at 144hz. When i switch to 120hz, either with display port or hdmi, it works normally. Build is AMD Ryzen 7 5800X TUF Gaming B550M (bios 2806) Kingston Fury Beast, RGB, 16GB, 3200MHz RTX 3060 Gigabyte MONITOR GAMER AOC HERO 27 144HZ IPS G-SYNC Could it be the GPU...
  10. K

    Question Weird monitor turning on and off until stabalizing

    Basically what I said in the tite. I found my old lg-E1942C and starting using it as a secondarly monitor. At first there was no problem., but after a while it would turn on to the point where i see the lg logo and then immediately restart. After 30mins-3 hrs it will just turn on once and stay...
  11. A

    Question Dell monitor and Lenovo laptop - - connection incompatibility ?

    Hi! I recently bought a DELL S3422DWG monitor and I haven't been able to connect it to my Lenovo 14'' Ideapad 5 14IIL05 ultrabook. My laptop detects the monitor but it displays 'No signal from HDMI'. When I try 'duplicate displays' with refresh rate 60Hz (Interlaced) my screen appears on the...
  12. I

    Question Eco mode vs Lower Brightness?

    Hi everyone, well I´m using BenQ XL2411P monitor. Within the settings of display there is an Eco Mode, I cant lower brightness more than default though. And the other settings, the brightness is even lower than what Eco Mode allows me. So which one settings saves more energy, and increase the...
  13. Macho Peludo

    Question TV 26LG30R as monitor (resolution issue on PC via HDMI)

    Hi everyone, i bought a TV 26LG30R (26 inchs) second-hand to use as monitor for my PC but i am having resolution issues, i am connecting it via HDMI plugged on my GTX 960 2GB but any resolution above 1360x768 makes the image all distorted, pixelated, pixels blowing up, icons with weird low...
  14. mbu

    Question Monitor only running at 60hz

    Hi all, I've got a 2560x1440 165hz 27inch monitor (Samsung Odssey 52a) and a gtx1070 connected via a DP 1.2. Every time I try to change the resolution to something other than 60hz, I get the message "Not Optimum Mode Recommended Mode 2560x1440 165hz". Things I've tried: Changing it in display...
  15. M

    Question Computer weirdness 101

    I know 'monitor stuck in standby' is a widely questioned topic but please assess my individual situation: I have 2 near identical basic systems that I built many years ago. System 1 is an ASRock Phenom2 N68-VS3 FX motherboard, running an AMD FX-6100 processor, through a Dell monitor. Ram is Dual...
  16. D

    Question Best Monitor for Gaming/Design Use & Programming ?

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for Best Monitors Suggestion for: Total 2 Monitors Gaming & Design Productivity Use : Below INR 30k (USD 370) | Size 27 to 32 inch Programming/Coding Use : Below INR 20k (USD 250) | Size 22-25 inch Location : India Please help! Thanks
  17. Antonyxz

    Question I lose m'y connections to my monitors randmly

    Hello, I have an issue since last week with my pc. I randomly lose m'y signal to both of my monitors. I still all the sounds and besides that the pc seems to be still functional. Hère are thé specs of my pc : CPU : I5 10400f GPU : Rtx 3060 12 go PSU : MWe bronze 500 16go ram SSD 1 to windows...
  18. MachoFantastico

    Question Looking for a good 4K display for PC and PS5 - Overwhelmed.

    Hello folks, So I appreciate that you get a lot of these questions here, but having done a good few months of research I feel like I'm nowhere near deciding on what would be a good 4K display for me. Read many articles and reviews, watched thousands of videos, and looked around the web for...
  19. rafiulxlr8

    Question Is my monitor panel faulty or is this monitor not right for me?

    I have been using this samsung F24T35 monitor for over 2 years now but from the moment I bought this I have been having eye strains previously I used CRT monitor but I was okay, I tried eye saver mode, windows night light along with blue light filtered glasses with the monitor brightness and...
  20. MachoFantastico

    Question Connecting to Bluetooth speakers via Bluetooth headphones ?

    Hello all, So I need some help, I want to use my 1440 monitor for some console gaming but the thing is my monitor doesn't have speakers so I'd need to buy some separate speakers to then fit my monitor for audio, thing is I mainly use wireless headphones when playing but I'm not sure if I bought...
  21. sylex1

    Question Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 versus LG UltraGear 32GQ950-B ?

    Hi! So I want to upgrade from my UWQHD monitor to 4K but I don't know which one to get. On paper the G8 is better, but there is a lot of comment and review about the Scanlines issue. If that would appear on my screen I could not handle it, because my eyes are on these stuff right away and they...
  22. pops87

    Question Monitor unplugs when I turn it off ?

    Hello, I swapped GPU to a 3080ti and it doesn't have DVI port. I run my 144hz monitor on DVI port because on DP and HDMI my monitor unplugs when I turn it off and all my windows move to different monitor (and I have a lot of them) and it's so annoying to move them back again. It's a AOC G2460FQ...
  23. P

    Question High fps but not smooth Nvidia geforce gtx 1660super

    Hello! I tried it out and for some reason the Ryzen 5 5600G iGPU gives a smoother game and less input lag, for some reason it is better than the Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super 6 GB. Why is that? Thank you. I tested Integrated grapics and my geforce gtx 1660 super 6gb. And csgo fps benchmark average...
  24. J

    Question Game freezes at random times when using an ultrawide screen

    Age of Computer: 3.5 years Monitor LG UltraGear 34GN850-B Resolution 3440x1440 (34 inch) Screen Settings 144hz Adaptive-Sync On HDR OFF Response Time FAST DAS Mode ON Hardware SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM008 2TB CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X GPU: Gigabyte AORUS...
  25. J

    Question Game freezes at random times when using an ultrawide screen

    Age of Computer: 3.5 years Monitor LG UltraGear 34GN850-B Resolution 3440x1440 (34 inch) Screen Settings 144hz Adaptive-Sync On HDR OFF Response Time FAST DAS Mode ON Hardware SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM008 2TB CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X GPU: Gigabyte AORUS...
  26. JelkoBG

    Question Buzzing audio

    Hello, I tried to use my wireless earbuds with my ps4. To do it I used my monitor port for headphones. I plugged 3,5 mm jack in in and plugged the other side in my computer microphone port and it works but there is constant buzzing noise. I tried my to connect my wired headphones directly in the...
  27. Dylan_joyce05

    Question Display cuts out when DisplayPort cable is bumped ?

    My display keeps cutting out when the DisplayPort cable gets bumped; the only way to get the display back is to pull the cable out and put it back in, which sometimes takes a few tries and sometimes makes the display appear square and low-quality. This happens on both of my monitors. What do you...
  28. N

    Question Is it possible to connect a Mac Mini to a 2nd monitor on another floor?

    I've got this Mac Mini and I would love to use it for my TV downstairs... and transmit the signal to my office as well. Can this be done via an ethernet-connection and if so how? I mean, can I transmit video signals + USB keyboard and mouse via ethernet? With kind regards from Scandinavia.
  29. B

    Question 4K +144HZ Monitor Suggestion

    Hello, After the changes in my system, it was time for the monitor, but it is very difficult to make a choice in this regard, I am waiting for your opinions and recommendations. I'm stuck between the options below. I want it to be 4K and minimum 144 Hz, if possible, I'm in favor of real 10-bit...
  30. M

    Question Artefacts appeared on my screen, could my monitor or GPU be at fault ?

    This morning I turned my pc on and did my normal routine and noticed a lot of artefacts appearing on the screen. On the text it's small pixels obscuring some of the letters and larger rectangles appear at the bottom of the screen and on the task bar. Print Screen will capture the letter pixels...
  31. P

    Question gamer keyboard USB 2.0 only 62.5 hz a polling rate

    The gamer keyboard only has a polling rate of 62,5hz for some reason, and I think it should have a polling rate of 1,000hz. Keyboard: White Shark Commandos GK-2106W/R-HU why is this, how can it be solved? Motherboard: PRIME B550-PLUS
  32. OgArgo

    Question Monitor randomly started acting up?

    Hello, I own a Dell S2421HGF and use a dual monitor setup. Like an hour ago I noticed that my Dell monitor started flickering white lines on the display and it kept going away and reappearing. I have checked and it's not a Software issue since I only had the Power cable plugged in and it was...
  33. T

    Question My TV gets no signal when I turn off my monitor ?

    I ve got a GTX 1650 Super.My monitor is on Display port, and my TV is on HDMI. Windows 11(but on 10 the same). When i want to watch a film on TV from computer, and turning off my monitor, the tv gets no signal.So i can watch film on TV only if my monitor is turned on.Can you help please, i have...
  34. A

    Question Connect Desktop Via Anydesk/Teamviewer without attaching Monitor

    I am trying to connect to my computer using anydesk and teamviewer but I have not attached any monitor to it. Because of that reason anydesk or teamviewer only shows blank screen but as soon as I plug a cable and monitor then it will show me a screen. But I want to use the computer without...
  35. toshei

    [SOLVED] Is having a 9% bottleneck bad or not?

    Planning to switch 1440p I have a tuf 4070ti i9-13900k 64gb ram my monitor is 1080p but this what i found i have a 9% bottleneck if i switch to 1440p
  36. N

    [SOLVED] Is there an OLED monitor for BOTH work and gaming even in the horizon?

    I thought I was not asking too much, but maybe I do. I have been following the oled trend, and I am happy to see that there are now 32" and smaller monitors that have 100Hz+ refresh rates. But now I noticed that apparently every single desktop oled monitor has some really weird sub pixel layout...
  37. R

    Question Monitor goes black for 1sec then comes back on ?

    Monitor goes black for 1sec then comes back on. this happens whenever my brother in the other room switches his AVR on. weird thing is we are NOT connected to the same outlet. My monitor is directly connected to an outlet and my PC is connected to an AVR that is connected to an outlet where...
  38. D

    Question Transient color shift under very specific conditions ?

    Sometimes I get a green hue shift on my monitor. I mostly experience it when browsing wikipedia(specifically, while in dark mode), but a website like this will do the same thing. It seems to be related to the arrangement of black/white pixels that are currently being displayed? OBS doesn't pick...
  39. P

    Question Best configuring BIOS settings ASUS PRIME B550-PLUS

    Hy guys! I would like your help, because for some reason the game is not smooth(CSGO,CS1.6, and whatever fps) and I have a G-sync 240hz monitor, and I think something needs to be set in the bios, but I don't know, Windows was installed today. I attached the rest below. Thank you for the help...
  40. D

    Question Choosing a new ultrawide monitor on a budget

    Hello, It's been a while since i was last on this forum, but i am looking for some opinions/help/experiences in potentially choosing a new monitor. I currently have a 2 monitor setup with a decade old Samsung monitor which was just bought on sale at the local IT shop and a BenQ monitor which was...