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  1. Janny1993UK

    Question Buying/Building a new PC, what parts do I choose?

    Hello I will be building a new PC either this year or the next depending on money and circumstances. I've had my PC for around 10 years and have had parts for a long time. I would like to finally start fresh because my AMD 7870XT Sapphire card died a few months back which I think I had for...
  2. tsui921

    Question monitor not working with new GT 1030

    I recently got a GT 1030 and installed it just fine, I was careful to turn off the power and ground myself. However, the monitor doesn't pick up anything from the card it quickly flashes "no signal" then stays on a black screen with the orange light similar to if it was in sleep mode. I have a...
  3. jam500

    Question VA vs IPS

    Please vote on the poll! All votes are helpful and much appreciated 😁 Just curious about your opinions on panel choice (mainly VA vs IPS) for multimedia consumption, namely watching movies/TV shows. If super accurate colours are not an issue because no editing or content creation will be done...
  4. B

    Question Line Going Down Middle of Monitor

    Recently a line has started to appear down the very middle of my monitor. Usually if I move around my monitor, it goes away and comes back later, but this time it's persistent on staying. Normally it's a lime green line, but this time it's a light grey line that can really only be noticed on a...
  5. Jurslok

    Question Display wont turn on

    I bought a msi g27c4 last Black Friday sale and it’s been working fine but I got back from a trip over the weekend and I go to turn on my pc and my monitor had a yellow light like it’s in sleep mode, so I press the button and the yellow light is still there so I tried it a few times and nothing...
  6. D

    Question half side problem AOC C24G1

    Hello, I have new AOC C24G1 monitor. monitor is old 1month and as u can see in screenshots, I have this problem with it... The left side has problems with colors, pixels, or something? can you please help me? I suppose it is monitor... can it be sth else? screenshot of the monitor I have...
  7. F

    Question AOC Q27G2U 27" need help

    Hey guys, I want to buy the AOC Q27G2U 27" 1440p 144Hz 1ms VA panel monitor flat version, because its on sale right now in my country, but I wanted to ask does anyone have experience with this monitor. Does it have any problems like colour being too pink or something like that, or the response...
  8. S

    Question ACER PREDATOR XB273KP RGB Light Sense not working

    Hello, I got this godly monitor Acer Predator XB273KP and it's working like a charm, but when I try to start RGP Light Sense, it tells me that my device is not supported. I've contacted ACER, they wanted me to send them the monitor for testing, which at this point is not an option. Any tips?
  9. G

    Question Discolouration of pixels

    I have no idea what is hapening with my monitor.Most of the time ,bright colours ,like blue get pinkish . Here- View: how to fix please help
  10. D

    Question I have trouble deciding which monitor to buy

    So, I wanted to start playing R6S competitively, and ofc I want to get a 144Hz monitor, first I was thinking about a 1080p 24" and found two monitors: Acer XF252Q and XF250Q, and the first one is more expensive, and supposedly has HDR, (which is impossible because it's a TN panel) and I am not...
  11. Mervinj

    Question 4K Monitor for After Effects and gaming

    Hey guys can anyone recommend a good monitor for my new Pc. I usually create motion graphic templates in A.E and I will also be doing a good bit of gaming. I have a RTX 2070 Super if that helps . I currently have an Acer R271 which has been okay but since I'm going 4K Id like at least a 32" inch...
  12. A

    Question Is my monitor defective? (ghosting/smearing problem)

    amazon: I bought this new monitor for work and some casual gaming and sometimes movies but it has a lot of ghosting/smearing when the picture is moving specially in darker scenes. it's a viewsonic vg2439smh va...
  13. KarthikNS

    Question Green dots and black lines on Monitor (144hz)

    I recently built a PC, and everything seemed to work fine until today. My screen started showing green dots/pixels on screen, and whenever i watch a video it shows black lines too. Now the thing that confuses me is that, when i change my monitor refresh rate from 144hz to 60hz, all the green...
  14. A

    Question My Monitor is randomly flickering black

    My Samsung S22D300 is connected via HDMI to my dell 7577 The HDMI cable is properly connected and is new The monitor works fine for about 5 mins then starts alternating black& normal for about 10 secs then it rests at black, the monitor settings display doesn't appear when it is black if left...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Monitor goes to black after playing certain games

    Hello, When I play certain games my monitor goes to black and loses signal, but my computer is still running and I can hear sound. I can run games like Modern Warfare, Divinity Original Sin 2, and Mordhau, but games like Total war Warhammer 2 and Bioshock remastered give me the black screen. The...
  16. Question GPU/Monitor (I don't know which) artifacts?

    Hi, so I just installed GTA and then FiveM, and afterwards I began experiencing artifacts here are my specs, photos, etc: CPU: i5 3570 GPU: R9 280 RAM: 8GB 1600MHz MB: ASUS P8Z77-V LX My temperatures are 54-55ºC, I have zero overclocking in any component, anything else you need ask me PS...
  17. mikec17

    Question Flashing On/Off Issue for AOC C32G1 Curved 32" monitor

    Have a weird issue that I've been experiencing since I got my latest PC in 2019 from cyberpower where "somewhat randomly" my monitor will flash black for 3-5 seconds as if I turned it off, and then it comes back on. I have almost the same PC with some very slight differences, and a different...
  18. H

    Question BenQ SW240 vs BenQ PD2700Q for color accurate work?

    Hi, I was looking for an affordable 10-bit monitor for professional work related to Film & VFX. I found two from BenQ - SW240 and PD2700Q. I'm aware about the size and resolution differences between the two, but my main concern is the color accuracy. Since one is 24-inch and the other is...
  19. jam500


    I am looking for a 1440p 144hz second monitor (will be the main display) and trying to decide between the ASUS TUF VG27AQ(IPS) vs VG27WQ(Curved VA). My current display is the ASUS VG248QE (1080p 144hz TN-panel) so I'm wanting either a VA or an IPS panel for my second one. In my country the AQ is...
  20. W

    Question second monitor is not being detected

    I have an asus cm1630, i currently have the hdmi connected to my tv. I want two displays to make life easier, so i got a DVI-D cable and an MSI monitor for the reason my tower does not have a second hmdi port, but once connected, the msi monitor is not detected. I have updated the computer to...