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  1. C

    Question PC reboots after connecting a second monitor ?

    I found in my house a old LED monitor and i want to use it in my setup as a second monitor, but the problem is everytime I connect the monitor the PC reboots, then after one minute or two both monitors turn off and the PC reboots. I tested the old monitor on it's own and it works fine. The two...
  2. nahwes

    Question Monitor screen flickering at high refresh rates ?

    My monitor (Pixio PX7) keeps flickering likes this at 165 Hz. At 120 Hz - 144 Hz, less flickering. At 75 Hz, no flickering. I tried already: a different PSU a different VGA a different monitor(Acer Nitro VG271) a different motherboard multiple DP cables different OS different nvidia drivers...
  3. R

    Question PC looses connection to monitor randomly

    Hi, I am not sure, is GPU forum is correct place, maybe it relates to Windows OS or drivers, but... The problem is pretty weird - my PC starts to loose the connection with monitor. It's pretty new PC with Nvidia RTX 3050 installed together with integrated UHD 730. It started about 2 days ago...
  4. T

    Question Can I use a different power cord for my monitor?

    The "MSI Optix MAG274QRF" monitor that I had bought recently, came with a power brick and a power cord (which connects between the power brick and the wall) with a plug (2.5 Amp, 250 volts) that looks like a "Type E" or "Type F" plug like the ones shown here...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Can I use a different power cord?

    I'm building a new PC, so I ordered a new PSU: "Adata XPG Core Reactor 850W". I noticed that the power cord that came with the PSU (the one that connects the back of the PSU to the wall) has a plug that looks like a "Type E" or "Type F" plug as shown here...
  6. F

    Question Duel Monitors work when bios loads but not when windows loads

    My duel monitors worked fine for over a year. I adjusted the resolution on one of them. Now, I get "Input not support" on the other monitor. I have tried many different trouble shooting techniques to no avail. However, I have noticed that when I've restarted both monitors work as the bios...
  7. K1LLstone

    Question HDMI or DisplayPort

    Hello guys, I have a quick question about the display I can't and will appreciate your help. I just bought a monitor Asus VG278QR and I have Hp Victus 16 Laptop. I have a HDMI 2.1(I know monitor only has 1.4) and USB-C to Displayport Cable, with displayport I get 165 HZ but the monitor is...
  8. D

    Question Suddenly my monitor is blank in every start. i have to press 'reset' button to work .

    my pc was running fine and normal. i didnt install any new driver, software etc and didnt open my pc case either. Everything was running normally but suddenly since three days when i start my pc with power button , it starts everything like fan, cpu, gpu and even monitor. But there is no...
  9. koooobs

    Question No signal to monitor; the problem seemed to begin while the desktop was in sleep mode. Did something happen? Did a component fail?

    I usually try troubleshooting issues it's, this is infinitely out of my depth as I'm used to fixing laptops. So, I have a hand me down desktop that's pretty much a dream PC for my standards and, yeah...just last night I put it to sleep, then this morning when I tried waking it up...
  10. V

    Question Monitor + TV setup not working correctly ?

    Hello, Up until recently my monitor + TV setup was working fine, all of a sudden i cant have monitor 1 on without monitor 2/TV being switched on. When i duplicate displays or even try to have monitor one only on it wont work without switching on monitor/TV 2. As soon as i turn off monitor 2/TV...
  11. LongwayToFuture

    Discussion Intel Raptor Lake or Intel Meteor Lake 2023?

    I whas wondering is it good idea to buy now CPU or wait till next year to see what Intel or AMD has to ofer and i'm in need of upgrading something Good to best to last at least the next 7 Years What would be good Motherboard CPU GPU PC for Gaming and maybe Video Editing Intel Raptor...
  12. Chess of confusion

    Question Monitors, numbers, display settings

    So i have 2 monitors that are both DP and the main monitor is plug in port 1 on the GPU and it starts up on that monitor as well. The issue i'm having is that in Display settings the main monitor is number 2 not number 1, i would like it to boot up on my main monitor and be number 1 thanks for...
  13. J

    Question Can this monitor be fixed?

    My HP Envy laptop details: Model: 17m-bw0013dx S/N: [personal info removed] I have had my laptop for about 3 years now and I've noticed the glue material on the monitor (bottom left) started to deteriorate and it's messed up the display quality. Moreover, I'm on my travels and had the...
  14. R

    Question Gaming Monitor Choices

    Hey there. Looking to see if anyone has one of the three following monitors, and any pros/cons/warnings against them, or suggestions on better choices than what ive chosen for the ~27in/800$ realm. All are IPS, 4k, 1ms, 144hz, 2.1 hdmi Acer Nitro XV282K...
  15. Question Monitor Display Issue | Bad Display Port? | Pictures Below

    Don't know what happened my other monitors are fine but my main is having issues I can't explain. The weird this is my Monitor settings menu doesn't do this. Any help with the image below would be much appreciated. UPDATE: Changed display Port cable and it's still doing this.
  16. A

    Question System Upgrade Options for Photographer

    In 2015 I built a computer for my wife who's a photographer. Components listed below. What are some options for upgrading? We are considering upgrading the board, CPU, GPU, and NVME ssd. We're also interested in upgrading the monitor. She's having some color calibration issues. In 2020 I posted...
  17. J

    Question Viotek monitor not displaying HDR correctly ?

    Hello there! I have had this Viotek Q2711SH monitor, it is 144hz, 1440p, and supposedly has HDR. Even in windows settings it says Use HDR is supported. I've had this computer for a while and thought possibly the issue had to do with the fact that my current cable was a display port, or that my...
  18. sabrinnnnna

    Question Headset microphone doesn’t work when plugged into monitor ?

    I have the ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ Monitor, XPS 15 7590 laptop, & the Somic G951s headset. There are a couple issues I’ve run into: 1. When I plug the headset’s headphone jack into my laptop (and my monitor ISN’T plugged into my laptop) both the sound and the microphone work in the headset. Maxx...
  19. NeroBlackwood

    Question PC isn't going into idle and turning off the screen

    I've had Windows 11 installed for a few months now and at first there wasn't any issues with this but for the past few weeks I've noticed it isn't idling and turning off the monitor after 30 minutes as I have it set in my power plan which is the AMD Ryzen high performance plan. I've tried...
  20. W

    Question BIOS on wrong screen on first boot

    I've been having this problem for a while now where my BIOS boots on the wrong monitor for the first boot. So I have 2 monitors, 1 is connected with DisplayPort and the other one with HDMI. I have a GTX 1070 TI. I don't have a problem with the BIOS booting on my second monitor but it causes my...
  21. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] No ghosting monitor

    Hi, I have an msi optix g32c4 and it have a HEAVY ghosting, I think the problem is the red or the blue, the green look fine. Some one know some 32" monitor fhd or 2k with no ghosting(122hz)? Anyway does displayport is better then hdmi for ghosting?
  22. X

    [SOLVED] Which to second monitor with keyboard

    Hi, My set up is a PC connected to my monitor via the display port and tv through the HDMI PC monitor for keyboard games(desk) TV for Controller games (couch) at the moment, every time i want to switch from the monitor to the tv i have to do in to control panel and change it there. ive had...
  23. semtex11

    Question Help me find current leakage source

    Hello everyone, I wasn't sure in which subforum to put this so i'm gonna put it here. The problem started yesterday night. As i was working on my PC i noticed my mouse disconnecting and connecting every 1 or 2 seconds. I thought that was strange and took off my headphones to see if my mouse...
  24. Z

    Question What kind of defective subpixel does my monitor have

    I initially thought it was a stuck green subpixel until I took some close-up shots. This is a black screen and shows that the green subpixel is lit up This picture specifically shows that the subpixel is not fully lit up. This is a white screen. The stuck green subpixel is barely lit up so...
  25. UltimateOssas

    [SOLVED] "No Signal" Monitor > PC fans still running > Need to reset PSU

    I just got a new PC since I thought my laptop was acting up. Before getting a PC, I was running my laptop without a battery. I can run everything fine in my laptop except gaming where after playing for a few minutes (longest was an hour and a half, shortest was about 5 minutes), laptop would...
  26. therealmamarc

    Question Monitor Refresh rate 60hz or 144hz for creative content

    Hello, I'm new here and and I would like to ask if it is ok for video and photo editing on a 144hz monitor? I am told that the best refresh rate for editing is 60hz as it has a better accurate color representation compared to the 144hz? I would like to know if this is true.
  27. lisbono2001

    Question Stuck at 144 hz on 240 hz monitor

    I bought a Lenovo monitor model Y27gq-25 which is 2k (1440p) display 240 hz monitor. It's fine for the first few days but after that it stuck at 144hz. So I decided to send it to the retailer store where I bought it from for them to diagnose the issue. But when they test it, it seem fine so...
  28. E

    Question Spots on the monitor

    I took this asus 2k monitor yesterday and on the screen I found 3 spots that do not feel to the touch but they look like dirt spots. Is it possible to remove them? I attach photo View:
  29. E

    Question asus tuf gaming VG27AQ faded blacks

    Hi, I recently bought this monitor and I noticed that the blacks are gray or are very bright I don't know how to explain I am attaching two photos, can you fix or improve the yield? because with the other monitor which was a very basic 4K it didn't give me color problems. The other screen next...
  30. E

    Question FPS drop after switching monitor from 4k to 2k

    I have a problem when playing 2017 prey, I have a 3060 ti and a ryzen 3600xt. Before when I was playing on a 4k screen I went to perfect 60fps, now with this new screen with asus tuf gaming VG27AQ 2k hdr g-sync 144hz but I put it at 60hz since I can't reach the maximum with this configuration...
  31. RiftPenguin

    Question Need Advice for Dual Setup (Purchase + Orientation)

    2 Questions: 1. I already have a flat 24" 1080p 144hz monitor, however, I would like to upgrade my setup and get a second (27" 1440p 144+ hz). My budget is ~$260 or less, and I've found a few options. However I'm split between getting a second flat, curved, or ultrawide curved monitor. I'm...
  32. Vax

    Question WoW lagged then monitor turned off ?

    My wife was playing WoW on her laptop when her game started lagging horribly. Eventually it froze up and she had to hard reset it. When we turned it back on the external monitor stayed off as if it wasn't plugged in. Checked all cords connections etc nothing is unplugged. Changed hdmi cable no...
  33. D

    Question LG Flatron M2762D auto brightness problem ?

    Hi! Recently got an old lg flatron monitor for my consoles There seems to be an issue with the monitor where it auto adjusts brightness to very low where the screen is barely visible, i couldn't find any power saving button or any kind of option about it in the TV's menu. I have already...
  34. suamed

    [SOLVED] Black Screen, No Signal while on game

    Hi I got a problem with my gpu. So i got 750 Ti Digital Alliance, very happy about it, not until some issues come in. some issues already fixed, now i got another one. which is black screen then monitor's off first of all my spec is not that good, but good enough for the gpu Core i3 3240...
  35. T

    Question HP Monitor - Half of display pink and pixelated

    Hi! I'm having a bit of trouble with my HP Pavilion 23xi monitor. About a week ago, while I was using my PC (not even working on the monitor in question), the left half of the screen became pixelated and took a pink hue. It's not so bad that I can't use it, but enough to strain my eyes. The...
  36. K

    Question GPU - Gsync and Monitor - refresh rate highly unbalanced.

    Hadware: Gpu - 1070 Cpu - 8700(non-k) Ram - 32gigs (2x16 2400mhz) Monitor - G32CQ4 Problem: Fps looks stablized but refresh rate goes crazy, while in game or in loading screen goes down to 50, it does that in some apps too, while happening it changes brightness too millisecondly, better to...
  37. michealvjosh

    Question GPU or Monitor artifacting ?

    Hi, I recently was recording some gameplay with shadowplay, during my time gaming I saw an artifact of vertical lines pop up for a split second but it didn't show up on the recording..? Does this mean the artifact was caused by my monitor and not the GPU? This issue has happened a handful of...
  38. nitharshan95

    Question Pc turns off

    I plugged two monitors and while using computer suddenly my pc turns off, I have no idea about the issue. :(
  39. Celalyvan

    Question Asus Monitor stucked at 60Hz

    Hi! first of all i hope i'm in the propper section since it's my first time posting here since i'm having quite a hard time finding the information i need. Ok so... i've just bought an Asus VA27EHEY (75Hz) wich i'm running with extended display with a Samsung S24F350 (60Hz) (being the ASUS one...
  40. J

    Question Flickering (black) issue with new MSI Optix display

    Hello! I'm having an extremely frustrating flicker issue since buying this new display: MSI Optix MAG342CQR monitor specs: The issue is an intermittent black flicker. It happens seemingly during any type of use, including: reading...