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  1. J

    Question DisplayPort no signal to monitor

    Hello everyone, I just recently bought both a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and a DisplayPort to HDMI converter and my gpu is a GTX 1060 6 GB. I have my main monitor connected to the gpu through hdmi but the other slots are all displayport so after i bought the converter and adapter I am getting...
  2. S

    Question Is this 4k 60hz / 2k 1440p 144hz legit?

    So I'm trying to get more info on this monitor but since it's new there's just none on the internet. Supposedly this monitor has 4 modes, 4k 60hz, 1440p 144hz, 1440p 120hz and 1080p 144hz. Is it possible for this monitor to have all these modes? And if so is it real 4k or is software tampering...
  3. LostAnchor

    Question Acer GN246HL screen burn?

    I left my pc and display on when I went away for just over 2 days and when I came back and loaded up a game in fullscreen i noticed that a screen burn was exactly where the windows search bar was View: . Anyone think this was because I left my display on, just trying...
  4. P

    Question Problems after replacing power supply

    Bought a prebuilt system and power supply went out. Just replaced it with a evga 450 bt which powered up the computer again, but now the mouse and keyboard won’t power on and the monitor isn’t recognizing the computer. The monitor says in sleep mode no matter what I do. We unplugged everything...
  5. IRmehdi

    Question vga and dvi-d monitor with rx 580

    hi guys my monitor only has vga and dvi-d ports and my new gpu is rx 580 that got dvi-d hdmi and display port so if i dont want to use dvi-d, what kind of conventer should i get? hdmi or display port? for gaming of course
  6. Pcstarter

    Question amd card w/ freesync or nvidia card without g-sync

    hey! So a dilemma has been brought to my doorstep, I've started a setup wide upgrade, and my upgraded pc specs so far are: 16gb ddr4 ram rysen 7 2600x gtx 1060 ans the final thing for me to upgrade is my gpu, now since I have two viewsonic 144hz freesync monitors then I would like to use the...
  7. Userpclol

    Question GTX 960 wont give signal/Wont show up in device manager

    I've been searching all day, the gpu can work on another computer , but not mine,i removed the cmos batter for 30 secs,still nothing,i tried an other hdmi monitor , still nothing,i disabled intel hd graphics, i tried updating the bios of my gateway dt71, it says :ROM file ROMID is not...
  8. M

    Question ACER XB270HU Not displaying but is on.

    I have an ACER XB270HU monitor running 1440p 144hz. I have to use displayport 1.2 for the g sync and full features. I recently have been having the monitor glitch out where the screen would split in to 2 or 3 sections and show the same display on all 3 (the same youtube video on all 3...
  9. xslabs.sai

    [SOLVED] Can I run a second monitor from the motherboard vga port even if I don't have an iGPU?

    Specs: CPU: Ryzen 3 1300X GPU: Zotac GTX 1650 OC RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB @ 3000 MHz Mobo: Asus Prime A320M-K So my question is, I've got my primary monitor which is running off the hdmi port from the GPU. The second monitor which I want to plug in doesn't have a hdmi port. It only has...
  10. I

    Question Brighter Spot Issue on Monitor

    Hi On the screen, I have 3 little dots that looks brighter than the whole screen. It is not a dead or stuck pixel. View: I found this about my issue and I have Asus VG248QE. Should I try this or is it too risky? I also wonder if there is...
  11. M

    Question Is overheating on my Acer Predator monitor the issue?

    Had this monitor for about 3 years, made the mistake of overclocking it a couple of years back and was left with a faint horizontal line (very thin) and tolerable, however I recently noticed a horizontal streak on the bottom third of my monitor that would only appear after the monitor has been...
  12. L

    Question second monitor 'no signal detected'

    I built a new pc with my old graphics card and it had a problem where i had to restart my pc everytime i wanted my second monitor to turn on. Now that it's in my new pc only my main monitor can turn on and my second monitor is saying 'no signal detected!'. ive tried many basic things already...
  13. S

    Question When i turn on my monitor it turns off, and then turns on again

    I'm currently using a MG248QR Asus Monitor with a Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Card and for some reason when i press the power button on my monitor it turns on and shows the (Displayport) signal , and then turns off for like 2 seconds and turns on again, and then it works completely normal...
  14. S

    Question Why did my GPU switch to the integrated Intel graphics?

    Hello, My PC started detecting my RX 470 today as integrated Intel graphics after suddenly shutting down one day while I was playing. It is important to note that once the PC shut down, my HDMI port stopped working completely, so I put in VGA and it then started working, however, once I booted...
  15. R

    Question Which monitor should I choose?

    I have been looking to buy a 27 monitor with a resolution of 2K and a IPS panel. Compatible with G-sync or G-Sync directly. The options that I have are... Aorus AD27QD which is a FreeSync monitor but is compatible with G-Sync Acer XB271HU ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Which one would you choose...
  16. Ali_uae

    Question Gaming Monitor: 24" / 1080p / 120+hz / under 5ms

    Hi, I need suggestions for a monitor with below specs: 24 inch 1080p 120+hz less than 5ms TN Budget: under $300 Thank you.
  17. C

    Question Monitor + peripherals disconnect randomly, pc goes to sleep, have to turn off at mains to restart

    Hello, Ive recently built a new PC with these specs: CPU - Ryzen 7 2700x GPU - GIGABYTE 2080 8GB MOBO - ASUS ROG Strix B450-F RAM - Corsair RGB Vengeance 2x 8GB DDR4 2666mHz PSU - Corsair HX750i 750W M.2 SSD - WD BLUE 3D NAND 250GB Monitors: 1x DELL S2719DGF, 1x BenQ XL2720T After playing games...
  18. R

    Question I am not sure if its dead because of a fuse

    Hello, I accidentally plugged in the wrong ac adapter into my monitor and it died, it is a quite old monitor it is a philips LED 248C, I dont have much knowledge about circuit boards but I have opened it and look at the io board, right next to the ac input there is a orange-brown component that...
  19. M

    Question rx580 wattman crash

    i got a xfx rx580 4gb oc + -cooler master mwe 550w 80+ bronze PSU -x470 MSI gaming plus -ryzen 7 1700 stock speed and cooler -only 1 4GB Ballistix sport 2666Hz stick because for some reason the other one doesn't work -128gb SSD My Problem is:- I tried to use gpu intensive applications but the...