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  1. S

    Question Second Display Port Monitor Not Detectable

    Hi all, I have 2 Acer XR341CK monitors connected to a desktop PC with an ATI Raedon R9 390 GPU. I've always just connected one of the monitors as I hadn't had the space in my old office. I came to connect the second through daisy chaining but it isn't receiving a signal. I did this by taking...
  2. J

    Question 144 hz monitor

    Looking to upgrade my monitor for gaming. Was looking for a monitor that had a 144Hz refresh rate and sub 3ms response time. I also wanted something that wasn't too bright or distorting because I do some photo editing. Didn't know if anyone had recommended models? Thanks! Also, budget is sub $400.
  3. B

    Question Looking for two monitors with 1440p resolution for gaming (single-player/co-op) and for dual monitors

    Hey everybody, so I been thinking about getting two new monitors. Main reason why is so I can multi-task easier when I am learning how to manage Linux and Windows server, etc for school. I am a gamer and do a ton of PC gaming, mainly for single-player and co-op games. I very rarely do...
  4. callanlove

    Question Why does my game keep going off screen when i click on my other monitor.

    When i play my games and i move my mouse to the other monitor to press on it, my game monitor goes black and kicks me out the game but the game stays running so its still on but i have to click back on the application to get back on it. If you dont get what i mean i could show you on discord or...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] IPS monitor viewing angle issue

    So i just bought this ips monitor (Asus VG279Q) but there is a orange glow on the bottom right corner of the screen and a same but subtle bleed on the top right corner on black or dark screen when viewing it from the middle. It goes away when looking directly in front of it. The left corner does...
  6. xslabs.sai

    Question The display is a few rows of pixels upwards and a few rows of pixels are left black at the bottom

    I have a Samsung SyncMaster 720N. The upper rows of pixels are not seen and the lower rows are left black. Auto Adjustment does not help (the buttons are messed up). Also I use a GTX 1650, and one port goes to my main monitor and the other one uses a DVI to HDMI connector which is connected to a...
  7. Question Having issues with shadows while watching videos / other forms of media.

    Whenever I'm watching a video that has frames that are in the dark, I get weird pixelation that I can't seem to get rid of, no matter what, this doesn't happen when i'm playing games and whatever else. Monitor / GPU specs : ViewSonic VA2445 SERIES NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
  8. arhamsaif

    Question I need suggestion for my gaming PC..Suggest me Intel i9 or AMD 3rd Gen?

    Hello! Guys I am going to built my Gaming PC with RTX 2080Super and I9 9900k what other component you suggest me buy? or I9 is better or 3rd generation AMD is better?? Please Configure my PC
  9. Loyde Kessroy

    Question Need a good secondary monitor for 4k and color.

    I've spent a few too many hours trying to find the best 4k ips 60hz monitor today. After researching a monitor I find outi'm looking at older posts and such. So far the best monitors I've found are...
  10. B

    Question Monitor incompatible with new graphics card?

    So i just bought a new graphics card as an upgrade from my previous one. Upgraded from a (GT 560) to a (GTX 1050 ti) I initially had trouble with no video loading on to the monitor(only black screen), so i figured it must have been the video output being defaulted to one i wasn't using...
  11. R

    Question Monitor light keeps blinking and no display

    Hi all, I went to move my pc one day and plugged it back in and my monitor would not turn on. all that I saw was a continuous blinking light. I called Lenovo support and all they could tell me was to hold down the power button for 30 seconds. There must be some reason why the power light is...
  12. Dayeh

    Question Ghosting problem

    I have 1 asus vs248 monitor and 2 benq gw2270H monitors. I have nvidia geforce gt 730 4gb graphics card (i got this because i dont game on my pc, i use ps4, so i was like i dont need a powerful gpu and i got this.) The graphics card have 3 ports, dvi hdmi vga. The problem: i got the asus and...
  13. D

    Question I have a slow reacting pixel section on my monitor

    Hi, I have an Asus VE278H monitor which was working perfectly fine but while moving the house I think I might have damaged the monitor somehow that I have 1/3 part of screen section which is super slow. I am not sure what to call this phenomenon and how to fix them but do you guys have any...
  14. E

    Question 2 gpus for 2 displays

    When ever i'm playing a game on my 144hz monitor and I have a twitch stream open on my 60hz screen my 144hz goes to 60hz. So I got my gtx 960 and connected my 60hz to it and connected my 144hz screen to my gtx 1060 but my refresh rate still changes. Is there a way around this?
  15. J

    Question DisplayPort no signal to monitor

    Hello everyone, I just recently bought both a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and a DisplayPort to HDMI converter and my gpu is a GTX 1060 6 GB. I have my main monitor connected to the gpu through hdmi but the other slots are all displayport so after i bought the converter and adapter I am getting...
  16. S

    Question Is this 4k 60hz / 2k 1440p 144hz legit?

    So I'm trying to get more info on this monitor but since it's new there's just none on the internet. Supposedly this monitor has 4 modes, 4k 60hz, 1440p 144hz, 1440p 120hz and 1080p 144hz. Is it possible for this monitor to have all these modes? And if so is it real 4k or is software tampering...
  17. LostAnchor

    Question Acer GN246HL screen burn?

    I left my pc and display on when I went away for just over 2 days and when I came back and loaded up a game in fullscreen i noticed that a screen burn was exactly where the windows search bar was View: . Anyone think this was because I left my display on, just trying...
  18. P

    Question Problems after replacing power supply

    Bought a prebuilt system and power supply went out. Just replaced it with a evga 450 bt which powered up the computer again, but now the mouse and keyboard won’t power on and the monitor isn’t recognizing the computer. The monitor says in sleep mode no matter what I do. We unplugged everything...
  19. IRmehdi

    Question vga and dvi-d monitor with rx 580

    hi guys my monitor only has vga and dvi-d ports and my new gpu is rx 580 that got dvi-d hdmi and display port so if i dont want to use dvi-d, what kind of conventer should i get? hdmi or display port? for gaming of course
  20. Pcstarter

    Question amd card w/ freesync or nvidia card without g-sync

    hey! So a dilemma has been brought to my doorstep, I've started a setup wide upgrade, and my upgraded pc specs so far are: 16gb ddr4 ram rysen 7 2600x gtx 1060 ans the final thing for me to upgrade is my gpu, now since I have two viewsonic 144hz freesync monitors then I would like to use the...