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  1. S

    Question DisplayPort not working. (new Motherboard)

    I recently purchase a new motherboard but the DisplayPort has no display or not working. Both HDMI and DVI are working I can boot through windows with no problem. My monitor has 2 HDMI and 2 Displayport. DP IN and DP Out. and MiniDP. I replace my motherboard with Gigabyte B560M DS3H V2 because...
  2. foliumcore

    Question Colorful RTX 3080 Vulcan - Custom LCD display?

    I currently have a Colorful iGame RTX 3080 Vulcan OC. This GPU has a LCD display built in. Using the app provided, I am able to change settings and add text, but it is extremely limited; I can't even change the font. I'm looking to make Windows recognise this into a second monitor, and then use...
  3. F

    Question Monitor doesn't turn on after wakee up laptop

    Hi, my monitor doesn't turn on after wake up laptop. I have to unlupg hdmi and power cable and then plug it again so laptop can detect it. Unplug only one of these doesn't work, i have to replug both. On the internt i found solution, where u have to off PCI Express in battery settings and that...
  4. S

    Question The DVI-D port does not support D-Sub connection by adapter.. question

    I m going to buy a Motherboard capable of 3 display but I m hesitant because of one small detail which says The DVI-D port does not support D-Sub connection by adapter. I have 3 Monitors, a Dell U2414H with DisplayPort, a 24inch Hisense with HDMI, and a 15.6 inch Philips monitor with only VGA...
  5. B

    Question How can I quickly switch between DisplayPort and HDMI?

    For my monitor, I have a DisplayPort and HDMI connection and I need to use both for various things (which means I'll need to be able to switch between the two). One way I thought I could do this would be to plug in both cables to my monitor and then switch them through the monitor settings but...
  6. denielpls

    Question 4K monitor wont display 1080p properly

    Hey guys ive recently bought a 4k monitor but when i tried to change its display to 1080p it displays like a cropped version of 1080p instead of upscaling it to full 16:9 of the monitor, does anyone know how to fix this? View: View: Thanks!
  7. K

    Question External screen flickering

    I'm experiencing flickering with my external monitor. When I project my screen onto the external screen, it appears fine for a second or two, and starts to repeatedly fade in and out. It was working fine before. Is this a graphics card issue? I'm running on two graphics card Nvidia GeForce RTX...
  8. X

    Question Using a DP 1.2 Cable with a DP 1.4 Monitor ?

    Hi, I have a DP 1.2 Cable but both my GPU and monitor support DP 1.4. Will there be a problem?
  9. B

    Question Why does my monitor have a fan noise?

    I recently got a new 48 inch OLED monitor. It's the LG 48GQ900-B Ultragear monitor. When I first turned it on, everything seemed good but then after a little bit, I started to hear a noise that sounded like a fan spinning. The problem is that this noise is the loudest noise coming from my...
  10. T

    Question Recommendations for a 21-24inch adjustable stand 1080p monitor?

    1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? USA 2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? (ex. Games, Movie Watching, Photo Editing, etc.) Watching Videos, Office Work, Coding, Excel Spreadsheets 3. What resolution and screen size do you want? at least 1080p, 24inches or less, preferable...
  11. vattghern

    Question Gigabyte G27QC vs MSI MAG272CQR. What is the best monitor?

    I can't decide which monitor to choose. I looked at many reviews of these two monitors and some say that the G27QC is better than the monitor from MSI, and others that the MAG272CQR is better than the G27QC. I want a balanced monitor for graphics and gaming. I'm not a professional, that's why I...
  12. H

    Question Appearing few lines at the bottom of the screen

    For 2 - 3 days, I have been facing an issue appearing a few lines at the bottom of the screen. But the strange thing is that it is not permanently showing. If I restart my laptop then it will disappear. Can anybody help me to get some ideas about this? Following are some details and I also...
  13. R

    Question Help with 144hz

    So I am upgrading my GPU within the next few days... What I failed to realize is that the 3060 doesnt offer a DVI port... My current monitor (Benq XL2411z) only support DVI at 144hz.... This was kinda devastating to me lol. I really dont want to upgrade my monitor but it seems that I might have...
  14. vikaskumar2299

    Question Are these vertical grey stripes in IPS monitor actually an issue?

    Hi. This is a complex issue so you may need to pay some extra attention (and see photos link in the end) to understand what I want to ask: So I bought a Dell 1080p IPS monitor. It had some power cable issue so I ordered a replacement. Then I observed this issue in new monitor: When I ran...
  15. P

    Question Gsync onand the v-sync is on is working only

    Hy guys! My problem: I have a monitor, and if .G-sync. is turned on and v-sync is turned on, the game is fast, otherwise, if vsync is turned off, it is not. and bad hitbox in fps game, not smooth. G-sync and V-sync on: as if it were turned on at the same time Why is it that if vsync is not...
  16. R

    Question Second display caused hardware malfunctions until utilizing Integrated Graphics.

    Hi all, just wanted some input on what could have possibly caused an issue that I have solved. I have no clue as to why it fixed itself but I would like to know if anyone has any explanation for such a weird set of events. Long story short I purchased a new monitor yesterday and after mounting...
  17. rohver

    Question Need some display recommendations

    My current display has been giving me dead pixels lately and I could use a new one. Here are some details that I am looking for: Resolution: 1080p Refresh Rate: I think I am ready to go over 75Hz, so 120/144 sounds good to me. Budget: $150-170 max. Size: 27" at least. Speakers: Built-in...
  18. crisamz

    Question Monitor keeps turning on and off when PC is off ?

    First Hello, My monitor keeps turning on and shows no signal then goes back off when my pc is off and when the pc is in sleep mode, i have it connected via Dispplay port and have another via Hdmi this one via hdmi doesnt give me this problem, i haventt found anything related to this so if...
  19. PaPies

    Question Why is G-Sync Not Working?

    V-Sync Is DISABLED In-Game. FPS Limited to 143 for this test (144Hz Refresh Rate Monitor) G-Sync Enabled In the Control Panel for Full-Screen Only, Game is in Fullscreen. Displayport is used. Still getting tearing for some reason
  20. ethan206

    Question GPU scaling issues on new monitor (gets detected as a 4K monitor instead of 1440p)

    I recently got a new gaming monitor (ASUS VG27AQ1A) but am having issues with game scaling. The thing is, I originally didn't have this issue at first; then, out of nowhere, it just started happening. My games' HUD all look zoomed in (Valorant, Cyberpunk, etc.) and it gets super annoying. I...
  21. O

    Question Black Screen when using 144hz

    I own an ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1A 27" 165Hz Gaming Monitor (Supports 144Hz). I've been using it for ten months, and it's been flawless. I couldn't change the Hz to 144hz at the time because half of the screen would go black as if it were broken. So I changed it to 120hz, and it worked fine, and...
  22. RakkenTi

    Question Primary monitor randomly drops in refresh rate, and lags until restart or after a while ?

    Hello, this is copy from my reddit post at: View: Hi there, to start off here are my specs, and the cause of this problem is unknown right now (literally happens randomly), and the monitor...
  23. K

    Question HP Omen 27c monitor has no signal after turning off ?

    Hey guys, I have a strange problem. Can't figure it out. I have bought an 27-inch curved monitor. Omen 27C. I have an Nvidia GTX1070Ti and windows 10. 2xHDMI 2xDP Most up-to-date drivers. I have 3 monitors now. Normal Acer monitor HDMI Philips TV. HDMI HP Omen 27c Display port Acer and Philips...
  24. Allen_Walker

    [SOLVED] Monitor Input not Supported

    I have a DELL laptop and wanted to use an old monitor as a 2nd display since it's old it only has a VGA port so I have a VGA to HDMI adapter between them ( all cables are fine and they all work perfectly ) all drivers installed and UpToDate the problem is the 2nd monitor says input not...
  25. thesodox

    Question Need to consult which one to upgrade

    Hello, thank you for your time to read this Right now, my rig consist of Zotac rtx 3070 8gb Ryzen 3600 Asrock b450 steel legend (only pcie 3) Deepcool gamax l2 240 AIO Hyper furry 2x8gb 3200mhz Msi spatium 450 1tb Seasonic, 650w gold cert Monitor AOC 1080p 120hz Right now I'm planing to...
  26. ek_e123

    Question ASUS VP28UQG monitor shuts down randomly ?

    I've had my ASUS VP28UQG monitor for 3+ years now. I use it for my PlayStation 5 and as my PC's second monitor. Yesterday, as I was using my PlayStation, the monitor just turned off. Not standby mode, not a black screen. It completely shut down. I pushed the power button, nothing happened. I...
  27. tiago_baptista

    [SOLVED] What is this? (LG UltraGear monitor flickering)

    LG UltraGear 27GN650-B IPS 27" FHD 16:9 144Hz FreeSync / G-SYNC Compatible I bought it in August this year. It started doing it after being left for 2 days without turning it on. It's doing this flickering which is like clockwork. Every time it does it, it buzzes (high frequency sound). Does it...
  28. I

    Question New monitor goes black for 2-3 seconds (triple monitor setup) ?

    I recently got a new monitor (ASUS ROG Strix 27” XG27AQM) and I've been experiencing the screen going black for 2-3 seconds. It mostly happens while playing games (mostly WoW atm) but it has happened once while not playing games. Sometimes it's really bad and it just keeps happening and...
  29. M

    Question will 1080p look fine on 1440p laptop

    so i have a 1440p monitor and when changing resolution down to 1080p it looks really bad and blurry at full screen but my question is would that be the same for 1440p laptop when changing resolution down to 1080 or would it just look like having a 1080p laptop with no blur
  30. KDM Gang23

    Question Dual monitors

    Hello, I have an 60hz Philips monitor, and planning to buy 144hz one. I want to use 144hz one as a main monitor and 60hz one as secondary monitor. Both connected via HDMI. Would it be a problem? My specs: Ryzen 7 2700x processor, Radeon RX580 8GB, KINGSTON HyperX 16GB RAM 3200mhz let me...
  31. unav4ial8le

    Question My TV box does not wake up my monitor from idle/sleep mode.

    It's good to keep in mind that I only have this problem with my TV box (with my computer the monitor works as expected). So basically I use my monitor as TV and as second monitor for my work. I live in Korea, so the montior brand is not that known (Udea) and the TV box is a cheap random one...
  32. Luca1992

    Question Triple 4k monitors

    Good evening, I recently build a computer for a friend that is simracing. I7 13700k Asus TUF RTX3090 32gb DDR5 Etc. Once done I went to his house to plug this beast on his brand new simrig. I did spent all the afternoon trying to activate the 3 screens he bought. Samsung Neo G7 32" 4k. The...
  33. D

    Question Vertical purple line on Benq monitor ?

    A few days ago a vertical purple line appeared on the right half of my monitor, I initially thought it was the hdmi cable so I changed it. After a couple of days though, it's back. If I put pressure on the bottom bezel where it ends it used to go away. But now even when I do that it just kinda...
  34. R

    Question I need help deciding on an Alienware AW3423DW versus Alienware AW2723DF ?

    Alienware AW3423DW vs Alienware AW2723DF Recently I just purchased the Alienware AW3423DW ($1200) which is an awesome all-around monitor but I feel it lacks the competitive edge I need when gaming. I'm a try-hard when playing any call of duty game and it just feels slow to me. I'm still in my...
  35. L

    Question 4k 60 or 1440 at more

    Hello, pretty new here and appreciate any input. I get a new system every 5-6ish years and want to know what type of monitor you would recommend. I want to play at 60fps or more with the highest settings possible and want this to continue over time, which will be harder as 4k resolution games...
  36. I

    Question Built a pc. Monitor. mouse and keyboard isn't turning on.

    So, i just finished building a pc and when i booted it for the first time, my monitor, keyboard and mouse wasnt turning on. What could this be a problem with?
  37. A

    Question Screen occasionally goes black ?

    Every once in a while my computer screen will go black for a couple of seconds and then come back. This is an issue with my new computer build, and installing a 12GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card hasn't changed things. Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 22000)...
  38. ordinarymann47

    Question Monitors (1 HDMI & 1 DP) won't work when computer starts/leaves sleep mode

    Recently, I've encountered a problem with my computer booting up like it always did, except now the screens do not react to it. Every other device (Mouse, Keyboard, Scarlet Solo USB etc.) react and light up. Not the screens. I haven't got a slightest clue why this problem appeared. This PC...
  39. Zsimplyred01

    Question Monitor Issues

    I have problems with my Monitors and CPU. My CPU probably ruined my Monitors. For starters my first monitor got ruined and started showing Black and grey lines until it got rekt ( I was using it for at least a year now). Then I use my other Monitor ( which was my stock monitor my brother gave me...
  40. adrianio98

    Question Wrong monitor showing up in Windows

    shortly: my monitor is an LCD Asus VH228DE 21.5" Windows is detecting it as an LED Acer S271HL 27" Can't find Asus manufacturer in "Update Drivers" Here you have an SS to see my problem. if it helps: i use and DVI(from GPU) to VGA (monitor) adaptor, with an HDMI(from GPU) to VGA(monitor)...