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  1. S

    Question Help me choose between two monitors

    Hey guys between the two monitors Philips Gaming 24M1N3200VA and Samsung Odyssey G3 LS24AG320NUXEN, which one should i pick? they're both at the same price atm during sales, anything else comparable costs 40% more, thank you
  2. D

    Question Gaming Laptop Screen turns off when gaming

    I bought a Razer gaming laptop: Intel Core i7-12800H Windows 11 Home 17.3" 360Hz Full HD GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 32GB 4800MHz RAM, 1TB SSD Its running windows 11 and it's really good but in the last week, every time girlfriend foes to play a game on it (Sims), the screen shuts off and wont turn...
  3. Beknu

    Question GPU temperature fluctuation

    Hey got question, I changed my monitor from 60hz to 165hz, I have rx 580 and had to change timing standard setting to cvt - reduced blanking, because memory clock, temperature and usage was high, then everything went back to normal, but temperature, power, usage started fluctuating, like went...
  4. Simon89

    Question Getting a black screen on the laptop after removing and re-inserting the WiFi card ?

    Laptop: Dell Inspiron 5567 I took wifi card off and put it back then my laptop sceen turned black and I can't do anything because of it. I mean my laptop is working but nothing appears on the screen. I can't access bios settings. After that i removed the wifi card again and now the computer...
  5. G

    Question Questions about GPU and Monitor upgrade

    Hello guys, In the next couple of weeks, I want to upgrade my setup with a new GPU (GTX 1070 atm) and a new monitor. I went through some websites with comparisons between different cards, were I now use to tend between the NVIDIA RTX 3070 and the AMD RX 6800. On the one hand RTX 3070 has...
  6. B

    Question Bad PC performance with new monitor

    Hi! Just got a new monitor, LG34GP950. It’s my first ultrawide and was expecting an fps drop of around 15 fps when I switched from a 1440p AOC 32 inch 16:9 display. However, when playing Warzone I now get about 60-70fps (got ~140 before) and on RDR2 I can’t even maintain 60fps. The games...
  7. A

    Question Monitor Display not good in game

    I own a gaming laptop and have a new external monitor connected, the laptop screen is 144hz and the monitor is 165hz. When I run a game, for example fortnite, my game display/fps/smoothness is not that good and gets kinda choppy/low frames. But when I don’t connect my monitor and use my laptop...
  8. NullJ

    Question Random 1 second black screen on 2nd monitor, any suggestions?

    Afternoon all, having a really annoying issue with my 2nd monitor, it randomly goes black for a second, this happens very infrequently and I can't pinpoint the issue. Its a 60hz monitor, whereas my main monitor is 144hz, I will list the details below. I've tried replacing the HDMI cable, power...
  9. Sliver02

    Question Screen glitch on startup with 3070 Ti ?

    Hi all, I have bought a 3070 Ti some months ago, it is working like a charm expect for a really annoying thing it does on start up that I can't manage to resolve permanently. Basically it start glitching from the boot screen of the motherboard, keep rendering square blob of noise displacing the...
  10. blockknight01

    Question Monitor lost option to to run at 165Hz ?

    Hi, My monitor was running 2560x1440p @ 165Hz for the past year. Today all of a sudden my pc changed my default resolution when I started up video games like League of Legends and Apex, I didn't think too much about it and updated the Nvidia drivers in case that was the problem. Now, my pc...
  11. M

    Question PS5 on secondary PC monitor

    Hey! I was wondering if I can plug in my PS5 to my second PC monitor and still get sound from both the PS5 games and the Discord sound from the PC through my headset? I can't figure out how this would work. My headset is a Logitech G533
  12. J

    Question How to prevent a monitor from turning on

    Hello! First time poster so sorry if I break something. I had some accidental damage to a Samsung CHG9 Series C49HG90HMN Ultrawide Monitor that is under Geeksquad Protection, which however does not cover that kind of damage. Does anyone know a way to just prevent the monitor from turning on so I...
  13. Cost to Cost Shop

    Question How to change primary monitor in Double display?

    Help me change my primary monitor to a secondary monitor.
  14. danktank

    Question Can't get Viewsonic monitor to work after upgrading graphics card ?

    Hi there, I just upgraded from a 1060 3gb to a Galax 1660 super and im having some troubles. my main monitor is viewsonic and i had it plugged into my old gpu via HDMI and it doesnt pick up the signal on that but it picks up my second samsung monitor which is DVI. I tried the DVI cable instead...
  15. random5

    [SOLVED] HP X24c monitor response time automatically resets to "Level 1" every time after computer is shut down or put into hibernation

    I've been using this HP X24c monitor for quite a while before I started noticing that it seems to be kind of slower to respond than even my work monitor, I turned on the panel and noticed that despite monitor claiming to be in 144Hz mode it reset itself to "Level 1" Response Time setting (there...
  16. P

    Question Not smooth fps games.

    Hy Guys! (CSGO) I have a very old problem. When I got this computer, I had a TV monitor, and I thought that was why the game was not smooth. Ok, I bought a 144hz monitor, when I first turned it on and played, it was so smooth for a while (1-2 hours) It stays like that, and since I bought it...
  17. A

    Question Budget 144/165 hz monitor

    Hello i want to buy a gaming monitor 144 or 165 hz and 24/25 inch ( non curved) for fps games mostly .What is the best option under 200 euro i am thinking of that options 1.Asus VG248QG TN Gaming Monitor 24" 2.LG 24GN650-B IPS HDR Gaming Monitor 24" 3.Samsung G32A S24AG320NU VA Gaming...
  18. Merge.-

    [SOLVED] Opening a game on my primary monitor causes the 2nd monitor sto glitch and drop frames.

    Hey I’ve had this problem for a while, once opening a game full screen on my primary monitor, the 2nd monitor seems to limit frames (?) while the primary monitor also becomes slightly skippy (even after tabbing out, seen in the video linked), I have been previously advised that it could be...
  19. alxhr22

    Question Rectangle Artifacts while playing games or watching movies - Monitor: Benq 28 LED TN 4k UHD

    This monitor presents rectangle artifacts in photos, movies, games and videos, especially in dark areas. How to fix it?
  20. enyeng0

    Question My monitor keeps turning on and off when moving/maximizing a window ?

    The monitor keeps turning on and off when I maximize a window and I don't know if it's a gpu, faulty cable, or the monitor is the one that's broken. I also tested if I disconnect the other monitor and it will still keep turning on and off. Here's a video if it's fine :
  21. M

    Question Vertical green lines on Samsung monitor

    Hi all, I just unboxed a brand new Samsung 27" Odyssey but it has these green vertical lines that won't go away no matter what I do. At first, I thought it was an issue with my HDMI cable, so I went out and bought a brand new DP-to-USB-C cable. I get the exact same problem. I'm starting to think...
  22. K

    Question PC wont run over 60hz with Display port cable

    Hi guys, so i bought Iiyama G-MASTER GB2470HSU 165hz 1080p and within the box i got HDMI cable and DP cable. I tried DP cable and i cant change my refresh rate over 60 hz, i do have options but as soon as i click apply monitor goes black and message appear "no signal, monitor is going in sleep...
  23. Jonesy95

    Question Desktop no longer fits my screen

    Hi all, Have just noticed that my desktop no longer fits my monitor. I have a black bar going up the left, right and top of my screen. Have tried to resize it to fit the screen but Nvidia control panel says that it’s running at 1440p and therefore won’t allow me to. Bottom of the screen lines...
  24. Valina35

    Question Monitor Changeing Colors?

    My Monitor Is Lenovo c22-25 And If I Move Around Like if stand Up The Colors Change And If I go Down The Colors Change Like its Color Blind Does Anyone Know Whats Happening?
  25. K

    Question Monitor is 240Hz, getting 100-144 FPS in games BUT it looks like it drops to 60 FPS even though it doesn't.

    I've been playing games with around 100-144 FPS on a 240Hz monitor. I swear lately it's been a little janky, I always have the FPS counter on and it always says 100-144 FPS in games but when I'm playing it looks a little janky as if it's not 144 FPS? It only happens every so often. Could monitor...
  26. K

    Question RTX 4090 dying already? (adapter is fine)

    Hey! So I use the bundled adapter with my 4090 and I'm scared <Mod Edit> because of the melting issue, I only use my PC for browsing the web. It worked fine for 2 days but today I turned it on and my screen was all messed up, sadly I forgot to take a pic in the panic of the moment but it looked...
  27. G

    Question Problem gpu rx 580 no signal

    Hi everyone, my name is Gabriel, I'm Italian and I'm looking for advice in different forums. I have a pc for about 2 years, assembled with new parts. For about 1 week my pc started having problems. The mouse and keyboard could no longer wake the computer when it went to standby (or sleep mode?)...
  28. farmfowls

    Question PG279QM or a AW3423DW?

    Okay so I'm needing some opinions on what I should do. Currently I have a PG279Q with some slight visual defects and need another monitor as my main. I'll still be using the PG279Q monitor as a secondary for productivity as I work from home 8 hours a day. The new one will be used as my main for...
  29. SilverChad

    Question Weird vertical lines on screen after restart ?

    Hi, I installed WDK of Windows 11 for Driver Development, After I restarted my PC Login Screen showed up like this : I did log in to the windows but it was same, I turned off my monitor and turned it on again and lines were gone. Also i restarted pc for 5 times and issue never appeared again...
  30. A

    Question Aggressive display flickering during gaming

    Hi everyone, I have no idea if this issue is related to my laptop GPU, monitor cable or the monitor itself so I am posting this everywhere it might be relevant. My monitor is set up at 240hz and sometimes during gaming (no matter the game), the images start to flicker aggressively while the...
  31. C

    Question GTX 1060 3gb and VG248qe Monitor not working with DVI

    I have had this monitor for a couple of months, but it was capped at 60hz while using HDMI. So yesterday I decided to get a DVI to DVI cable so I could play on 144hz. It arrived today, I plugged it in, and my monitor says there is no input detected with DVI. I have re-connected the cable...
  32. E

    Question Audio stopped working, but it's not the usual issue - it's actually very weird

    Hi guys I have a very weird issue I really need help with, and im sure its unrelated to drivers etc Lets start here; my monitor audio stopped working - but it started in the weirdest way. On Discord you can share your spotify session with others for them to listen along, I shared one and...
  33. M

    Question Monitor gives intermittent black screen ?

    I bought an VGA to HDMI adapter for workafter I accidently broke the flat screen monitor that I had sent out for work-- which works for the VGA cord that I have with the monitor except that it keeps going black and then displaying correctly intermittently and it's driving me crazy. I've even...
  34. J

    Question Monitor won't turn on sometimes, how to fix?

    So my monitor won't turn on sometimes. No power even when I plug it to other outlet. It only happen sometimes though. Whenever it turns on I see no problem from it. When it won't turn on, I usually wait a few hours before turning it on again and it works fine. But what if I don't have time to...