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Question Random and sudden halfing of FPS. GPU Issue. Warzone.

Jul 11, 2020
CPU: 3900X


Mobo: ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PLUS

RAM: G.Skill F4-3600 (XMP activated)

OS: Windows 10 1909

Overclocking: None

Hello, I have been having this problem consitently for a few months now. As far as I can tell it only occurs in one game, which is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, or more specfically Warzone. However, for past few months Warzone is the only game I have really been playing, and because it happens seemingly at random I cannot say for sure it would not occur in other games. Meaning I don't know for sure if this is a issue on my end or if it's a Warzone issue.

Basically what happens is, I get large FPS drops in game. My average goes from ~110 to ~65, sometimes as low as 40. There is no indication it is going to happen in menus or anything, but it is immediately noticible once the game loads up and my FPS is half what it should be. The game also gets a bit choppy with fluctuating frame rates.

Typically it will usually occur if I have not restarted the PC in a good few hours, if it occurs, I will restart the PC and the issue will be gone for the rest of the night. Sometimes, just restarting the game is enough to fix it, but it usually requires a full PC restart. I have now gotten in the habit of always restarting the PC before I play and usually everything is fine. However, sometimes it will still happen and I have to restart again. Sometimes I will be playing with no issues and it will suddenly start to occur in the middle of the game (this is very rare but does happen).

From my own hardware monitoring, it is not evident that anything at all is wrong. CPU and GPU temps are stable, GPU is usually at 66-67 degress and core usage at 98% when playing, this does not change when the issue occurs. Core speed/usages & temps for GPU and CPU remains stable and constant at all times as far as I an tell. However, from using the built in monitoring tools in Warzone, I can see the issue is likely the GPU. Typically when playing and getting my average 110 fps, the GPU Time will be about 9-10 ms, CPU time 5-6 ms. When the issue occurs however, GPU time will go up to 14-15 ms. CPU time remains the same.

I am not sure if this issue is known, I have seen nothing in all my googling. Of coure when you google Warzone FPS issues, you just get a massive amount of junk about 'HOW TO INCREASE YOUR FPS WITH THIS ONE SIMPLE TRICK' nonsense.

I suppose what I am really looking for more than anything is help in how I can diagnose what is wrong. All drivers are kept up to date, and if it was not for the GPU time monitor in Warzone I would have no idea what is wrong at all.