Question Random Bluescreens

Jan 19, 2020
So I will say it shortly. I had this old pc of mine with core 2 CPU and 2GB ram and I decided to upgrade it. I bought GPU gt 9800 1 GB version and another 2GB ram. And a little bit later I bought Q9400 CPU as the previous one was bottlenecking my GPU. And that is exactly where fun begins. My computer started to show random bluescreens and it's been several months now and I am getting very annoyed by all of these. I even changed my GPU to GTX+ 9800(only one I could get for low price) but bluescreens are still showing up. Here are my specs:

CPU: Q9400 2.66GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz
GPU: 9800 GTX+ 512MB

And now the PSU: I believe its just cheap garbage and doesn't really do what it says so I will just show you what its sticker says:
+5V - 15A
+12V1 - 14A
+12V2 - 16A
+3.3V - 22A

As I understood real wattage is calculated by multiplying V*A so it goes 12x16 and 12x14 which is 168 and 192. My CPU's TDP is 95 and GPU's TDP is 141 so it should work without problem. To find that out I plugged only one power cable to GPU so it started working on only 25% load and I assume it wouldn't use more that 50w. I let my sister play CS:GO for an hour and CPU cores didn't go any higher than 70%. But despite low power consumption I got bluescreen again. I've already run memtest86+ for 2 hours, it did 2 passes and was about to complete 3rd one and it couldn't find even 1 error. I even switched RAMs' slots but didn't help at all. I've already disabled all unnecessary CPU features from BIOS. Also I did S.M.A.R.T tests on both of my HDDs and I got these 3 errors: Test Results

I've been looking for BSOD reasons for a long time and I got just 3 options:
  1. Motherboard flaw.
  2. CPU flaw.
  3. PSU isn't enough.
Both motherboard and CPU was pulled out of working PCs as I know. I got motherboard from my father's office (and I believe it shouldn't have any problem) and my friend gave me CPU which he wasn't using anymore as he got PC upgrade. So how can you think what those bluescreens can be caused by? I even get BSODs while browsing, photoshoping, gaming, or just when PC is idle. And I don't get only 1 error, I get several ones. I've searched for solutions for particular error codes but nothing helped. Mostly recently I get dxgmm1.sys and system service exception errors. Here are 4 minidump examples:

1 (got this only once)
2 (most common one - dxgmms1.sys)
3 (I get this one rarely too)
4 (I got this one while writing this article)

I will be really glad if you help me out of this. I've been suffering for months!
Thanks in advance!


Jun 11, 2019
RAM only works properly in matching identical pairs.
Try it with just 1 stick and see how it runs.
If it is stable then buying a pair of RAM sticks which are identical should alleviate your crashes.

Jan 19, 2020
I need to use both to get 4gb but I tried it anyway and got BSOD again. I guess it happened coz 2gb couldn't handle that much load. Both stick have same timing tho. Just one is 1333 MHz and another is 1066. I will try to get one 4gb stick later. I will install windows 7 tomorrow.