Question Random BSOD during games/Updates not working


Jun 27, 2021
As the title states, ive recently encountered random bsod whenever i game. Screen goes blue and says restart pc
Occasionally happens if PC is idle without being in game, but very very rarely
My GPU is updated, i updated bios as well, CPu is also updated (according to dev manager)

I did a sfc and found no errors, but i did a clean up and got an error


i followed a google site method to try and resolve:

(my personal issues will be bracketed next to the step)

  1. Net stop wuauserv (did this 2nd, but it turned off)
  2. Net stop cryptSvc (i did this first by mistake lol, but it turned off)
  3. Net stop bits (also stopped)
  4. Net Stop appidsvc (said it wasnt running in the first place)
  5. Ren %systemroot%system32catroot2 catroot2.bak (said file wasnt found, manually checked and found no .bak file in cat32 folder)
  6. Ren %systemroot%SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.bak (same issue as no.5, no .bak folder, also file wasnt under systemroot, but it was under windows folder?)
  7. Ren %systemroot%system32catroot2 catroot2.bak (same as no.5)
  8. Net Start bits (started )
  9. Net Start wuauserv (lol said its already running even though it just said turned off)
  10. Net Start appidsvc (started )
  11. Net Start cryptsvc (same issue as no. 9)

    Last was to restart and i did
    Unfortunately, my updates are still stuck, they show retry error with restart (which i troubleshooted and did) but that didnt work

    so yea, thats my issue guys
    Hope for any sort of feedback

    And no, i aint an IT guy or even trained or studied it haha. I just learn from the net when i experience issues
    So i may have done something dumb unknowingly, so forgive me for that haha
IMPORTANT EDIT OWO: im on windows 11 haha (yea ikr rip), so if this cannot be solved, im willing to go back to 10 (since more than 10 days, i have to create bootable USB to reinstall (which i tried and failed even though i restructured using cmd lol)and ive made a bootable USB before, so idk what happened there
My cousin informed me that by reinstalling windows 10, it would replace all folders, including corrupted or folders that may contain a virus(not sure if i do have a virus, but could be a reason due to other incidents)
SO, if reinstalling 10 is easier and more helpful, im all for it cos this thing kills my cpu like damn
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