[SOLVED] Random BSOD loops on new hardware, but none on old hard drive?

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Sep 22, 2020
Windows 10 Home
ROG Strix B450F Gaming
16 GB Ram
Ryzen 5 3600
RX 5700

After a recent move, my computer has had no end of problems. First the motherboard died (This was beyond a doubt, the computer would not even post and the PSU was found to be functioning) and had to be replaced, but after that the BSOD loops began. Reinstalling Windows proved to be impossible as the computer would bluescreen during the install with a different error each time. I began to suspect the HDD had failed and ordered an SSD which I installed today, but the problem is persisting- It seems only the increased speed let me install Windows. Everything that's happening sounds like hardware failure, but when I plug in an old HDD that I abandoned due to corrupted drivers, the computer functions normally as long as I do not try to connect to the internet. All my data is intact and the new motherboard appears to be causing it no problems. I've even been able to get installed games to launch and function without trouble!

I have ruled out an internet connection as the culprit. I took the WiFi card out and experienced two BSODs in short succession while trying to navigate through Explorer on the SSD install. A total GPU driver wipe and reinstall on the SSD didn't fix things. Safe mode doesn't BSOD loop for what it's worth. Lastly, for some reason the old hard drive cannot find my house's Wifi network, although it can find virtually every other one near us and the nearby free Xfinity hub.

Any idea what could be at fault in this situation?

EDIT: I tested the RAM in different slots and one at a time. No luck.
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