Question Random crashes with no error

Sep 21, 2020
So i've had this issue for a while and i still haven't found what causes it, but what i know is that this is a hardware issue.

It can crash randomly while idle or with bigger chance when i try to play something. Eventlog says id of an error is 41 (63) but there is no bugcheckcode. And since it crashes without any error/bsod there is no dump file, it's like something abruptly turn off pc. It happened on both old windows and fresh reinstalled one.

Not a single stresstest didn't say anything. OCCT is fine, furmark is fine too, memtest is clean so is prime95.

Mobo: MSI H110M PRO-D
CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 3.3ghz
GPU: nVidia GT1030
RAM: Patriot DDR4 2133mhz 4 GB
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