Random game crashing/freezing after gpu upgrade?


Jul 24, 2014
So I've upgraded my graphics card from Sapphire HD5770 to Msi HD5850 Twin Frozr 2(about 2x better specs in gpuz) because it wasn't stable, was overheating to 97C, would turn on pc after 2-3 restarts, and so on.
And this one is great, my computer is much faster now, it doesn't overheat(28C idle, 55max), BUT...
I wanted to play Crysis 3 and i played it for like 3 mins or such, and i get "dxgi_error_device_removed". So i update my driver and i re-enter the game and i play it for 10mins now and everything freezes, and i have to restart my computer. And it also happened with the goat simulator. But it never happened in battlefield 3 which is also hardware demanding.
So what is happening? Also, when i go to open gpuz it says something about openCL error but i cant seem to find an update for that.
And just to mention, i played Crysis 3 and finished it on 5770, so we can say that its not because my current one is too weak.
My specs are:
CPU: Intel E5300 Dual core 2.6GHz- yes i know its bottlenecking the sh*t out of my gpu, but that cant be the cause of the freezing, can it?
RAM: ddr2 2gb,
PSU: blueberry 500W but its max power is 550W(wtf), its not very popular or its just in europe but it is branded(i think) http://www.itsvet.com/proizvod/blueberry-psb500-500w/co...
MOBO: Dont know if its relevant but its GA-P31-ES3G (ALSO, it has PCI-E 1.1 and the gpu is 2.0 i think, so another suspect there)
HDD: Now this is my primary suspect: Its some hitachi hdd from 2006 i think, it is 160GB cap and has 140 bad sectors (18% health in Sentinel), but as i said i never had any problem in games with my old card.
I know my pc is outdated, im working on updating everyting, but i need to know did i made a mistake with this gpu?(i've bought used one so no warranty)

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