Question Random ghosting/flickering in Asus XG258Q


Aug 27, 2017
Hi all, I recently got myself an Asus XG258Q monitor.
I bought this mainly because of its 1ms 240Hz G-Sync, and it has 2 HDMIs (for my PS4 & Switch) plus 1 DP port (for my PC).

I had no problems with my PS4/Switch gameplay, but I got some issues while using PC:
  • There are some random flickering/ghosting while watching youtube/netflix.
  • While gaming, the monitor would go completely blank (black screen) for a second or two then back to normal. (But not frequently)
  • I tried doing a printscreen and saving as static image when the flickering occurs, the saved image will also flicker while viewing in image previewer.
  • While looking at the flickering image, I tried resetting all settings to factory default, and it seems the problem is resolved.
    Obviously it is too bright using the default settings, so I adjust the brightness/contrast. But then the same issue will occur randomly.
Turning G-Sync on/off would not help, and looks like the flickering will happen if it goes 85Hz or any higher (Totally fine if using the default 1920x1080@60Hz)
My PC spec is listed in signature and my GTX1080 is having the latest 436.02 driver installed.
I am guessing the monitor is bad?? Just wondering if anyone got some similar issue before I send it back.

Lastly, below is an example image of flickering/ghosting


We always advise folks to post their system's specs in the body of the thread since Signature spaced specs can and will change. If and when that happens the solution to this thread will be irrelevant to any future viewer.

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Can you plug the monitor to a donor system with a GTX1080 or above on it to rule out the GPU(and it's drivers), while also using a different cable to rule out the cable? Which version of Windows 10 are you on?