Random Rebooting, Ctrl Alt Del not working


Jul 2, 2005
Hey guys,

These are two separate problems two separate people are having. I told them I would post and see if I can get them an answer.

The first guy has a computer that was custom built for him. Three months the computer starts to reboot randomly, I told him to check to see if he has at least a 500 Watt power supply. He did and found out he had a 480 Watt. He bought a 550 Watt and continues to have the problem. He added the max amount of fan the case can take. All Fans are spinning. I also told him to route his cables as best as he can to give better air flow. The problem continues. He runs a utility that came with the board and it tells him his board is in the "red" area, overheating. It's an Intel board with Core 2 Duo. I don't know the model of the board. He hasn't given it to me yet. He also raised the heat threshold by 2 degrees and the reboot still happens. Can anyone suggest something else that could cure the problem?

The second guy just put a new system together, all wires have been checked and double checked. The problem, when he presses ctrl + Alt + Del, the computers shuts down. When he chooses restart from the menu, the computer shuts down. Where can this setting be changed? We checked the BIOS and couldn't find the option to change it. Any suggestions short of calling the company of the board?

Thanks for any suggestions


Jan 31, 2006
For the first it could be a driver problem, updating or reinstalling the drivers would be worth a try.

I'd clear the CMOS and see if he has to most recent BIOS


Jan 13, 2007
For the first Guy, check the HSF and make sure it's on correctly, and reset the Bios.

For the second guy, it's possible the psu isn't giving stable power, but it's probably the Bios needs to be reset.