Question Random Shutoff

Apr 23, 2019
Have an odd issue with a new build that i'm rather stumped on. Computer has random shutoffs, but only during games such as Apex Legends, or PUBG. I mainly play LoL, and can easily play for 4-5 hours with absolutely zero issues. When the computer shuts off I have to manually turn it back on. I've used HWMonitor to monitor all temps, and the max I've gotten at any given time during gaming was 61c (mind you the computer is in the warmest part of the house so it does seem a little high.) I've also stress tested it with Prime95 and Heaven Benchmark (same time) and gotten up to around 78c while overclocking at 5.1, the GPU stayed even cooler, Heaven was sitting right below 100fps on extreme. I ran the tests for a little over 20 minutes and had no shutting off issues. My original thoughts would be the PSU, but I wanted to see if anyone had any other input.

Computer Specs:
Corsair 280x Case
Asus z390-i
Trident Z 3600 2x8
Vega 64
970 Evo 500g M2
860 Evo 500g M2
EKWB 240r Kit (Vega and CPU Waterblocks)
Second EKWB 240mm Radiator
EZDIY-Fab Sleeved Cables

Thanks In Advance

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