News Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Powers Lyra+ Gaming Handheld


Aug 22, 2011
The plus is that one can expect CM5 to use the same form factor as CM4 so you have a platform upgrade path without buying a new Lyra.

The negative is that all the compute modules to date have featured ARM CPUs that are 7+ years out of date, and ARM Holdings Coretex in general compare to contemporary Intel Atoms at best. The efficiency cores OTOH compare to 4-year-older Atoms. So the 2019 CM4 with A73 + A53 compares with 2012 Briarwood and 2008 Diamondville Atoms. We can probably expect the CM5 in 2023, featuring A76+A55, and comparing with Goldmont and Briarwood Atoms.

That means it will be able to play some PS2 titles.

Meanwhile by fall 2023 you can expect $99 Intel 6005N and AMD 3020E SBCs that will absolutely run circles around it, but there won't be any portables you can pop those SBCs into. So pick your poison.