News Raspberry Pi Pico vs Arduino: Which Board is Better?


Oct 4, 2019
Is the Raspberry Pico still affected by the I2C-BUS issues of the other raspberry models?

From what I've read it seems it has some programmable hard/soft-IO bitbanging subsystem, I speculate it can do bitbanging of various protocols efficiently. I greatly appreciate this attitude. It makes any protocol "driver" repairable. Including I2C.


If you want to make something with more than 3 analogue inputs (for example a joystick) then the arduino wins.
I personally use STM32 as it has a large amount of power, is cheaper than both the boards in the article and has many IO pins.

If you do have a couple of extra bucks, I'd strongly recommend the teensy
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Aug 17, 2017
0.4 watts is not low power.
I’ve worked with lots of Microcontrollers that run on less than 0.001 watts. Some as low as 0.00009 watts.

It's not clear if they measured total power demand or if they separated out MCU power demand from that required by 12 NeoPixels. Further, "full brightness" for a single NeoPixel means around 60 mA or 300 mW at 5V, so there's no way that their numbers are valid if they include the NeoPixels in the total.

It would be interesting to minimize power demand on both platforms and then do the comparison. Here's an article about minimizing Arduino power draw (SparkFun): I'm sure there are similar guides for the Pico.