News Razer’s Project Hazel Is an RGB Face Mask for Our New Normal


Feb 6, 2020
If they just did away with the RGB stuff, it would be a decent, workable, and mostly-reusable mask. I find that the light-up mouth feature unnecessary, but it does serve a purpose. If it can be disabled via switch, that would be better, IMO. The only real "gotcha!" cost is filter replacements, assuming they're intended as single-use despite having a UV sterilizer box.

The only other design issue is the ear loops; I would have much rather have the option for around the head, like paint and particle respirators. Having all that held by your ears for hours on end can make them pretty sore. Beyond that, this would be pretty useful for receptionists, clerical work, and some light clinical work, thanks to the voice amplifier and reduced (disposable) mask usage. It's kind of inconvenient yelling at someone over the phone or over the counter because I'm talking through a thick, multi-layered mask.
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Jan 14, 2021
What they could do is make certain versions of the mask, kinda like what they did with the Nari and Kraken headsets, essential would be only the clear mask with VoiceAmp and internal lighting, the basic version is just the essential with RGB, and the ultimate would have an option to go with a solid black/white base instead of clear, with clear always being an option, with extra lighting around the seams, with maybe with voicemod support or a customizable screen, since it is plastic and off your face.

The filters shouldn't cost that much to produce, and its going to probably be a sheet of 40 or so just cut out of the fabric that are meant to be cut out and screwed into the filter housing, like on a kazoo or inflatable spa.

I do agree with you on the straps, but they should be an option or able to be swapped out for situations like the around the back strap to be inconvenient or get tangled in their hair.
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