Reactivating windows 10 after changing MB, RAM, and CPU

Jul 5, 2018
Hello. My old PC recently got upgraded. The specs changed a lot, and now I am having trouble activating windows on my new PC. Here are the specs from old to new.

Motherboard- Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-H -> Asus PRIME B360M-A
RAM- 4GB DDR3 from Adata -> 8GB DDR4 from Crucial
CPU- AMD A10-7860K -> Intel Core i7-8700 (not K)
(Hard drive and PSU were not upgraded.)

Everything is going well on this PC, despite the fact windows is not activated.
I looked at some other articles and discovered that windows has a Reactivate Windows feature. I completely wiped my hard drive when I upgraded the specs, so I reinstalled windows.
My old PC and new PC use the same microsoft account, but when I open the Reinstall Windows menu, only one device shows up. This device is "William's-PC, Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd." What I assume from the Gigabyte Technology part is that this is my old motherboard, which means before I upgraded. My pc before the upgrade was a genuine copy of Windows 10 Pro, and my new pc is also windows 10 pro, but doesn't show up on the list. Here is a picture with all of my current specs, and the reactivate windows screen. . This might be wrong, but the way I see this image is that my old pc shows up on this list, with the activated windows, (which hopefully means its linked to my microsoft account (which it is, but my new pc, still linked to the same microsoft account does not show up on this reactivate list. This is as much info I can think of supplying, but please let me know if I need to show another screenshot or answer any questions.
Thank you. PS- if it has anything to do with this, I upgraded my old,old pc at one point aswell. However, this upgrade happened a long time ago, and I only upgraded the processor (amd a4 to amd a10) which didn't require any reactivation.