Ready For Black Friday: Community Roundup

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Apr 19, 2010
Read the news about AMD and it only spurred me upgrading from a pair of 6850s to a R9-380 by a few days. I'm gonna keep on with team red. nVidia burned their bridge with me long ago and they have stayed the cource of underhanded tactics, only now is it biting them in the ass with AAA games being made unstable thanks to their "let's fax applejuice to each other" works.
Again with the AMD bashing... We're talking 4 to 7 years old hardware here! Do you really think they could optimize it any more? Whatever isn't handled through the generic profile will be community-supported, or will require too much juice to matter anyway!
They did wait until Windows 10 and Windows Display Driver Model 2.0 was final before pulling the plug, meaning that you get DX12 support with these old cards from now until Windows 10 dies, and if history is any indication, they'll release the odd bug-fix beta driver in case of serious security trouble or system crash! So, active support is out, but you can still run your games on them.
The biggest let down here is that they pulled the plug before Vulkan was final, but Windows gamers could care less and Linux gamers will get it (if it can be supported on that old silicon) through the open source driver.
On the other hand, it means AMD only has to validate GCN 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 when they get a driver out - that means better drivers for more recent hardware.


Feb 18, 2010
new games need new tweaks. there is no "finished." fact is, theyve stopped supporting many cards that are completely capable of playing new games and are unwilling to do the fine tweaking to optimize the card for the new round of games.

nvidia is not. it's a big deal to me whether you think so or not.


Nov 2, 2001
[quotemsg=17086433,0,409959]nvida really needs to retire some of their gpus I mean they still have support for the GeForce 8000 series![/quotemsg]

can you give me a reason why is it a bad thing??
[quotemsg=17088092,0,5474]can you give me a reason why is it a bad thing??[/quotemsg]

Thank you. Like many of Tom's members, I have a lot of spare/older computer components laying around. Occasionally I get hit up to put together one for someone who is in need (friend or relative with a kid who need a basic PC for school, etc.) and I save them money by using components I no longer use.

There is nothing wrong with the GPU power of an 8-year old GeForce 8800GT card for basic computer needs and even 720p gaming in some of the more recently released games of the last few years.

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