Question Really cheap PSU

I'm looking for a really cheap PSU just to power a single SATA hard drive.

I am looking for something that will be reliable and not a fire hazard, but I don't care about wattage, efficiency, or noise.

I saw this Hipro HP-P3087F3 305W used for $15.
Or a Delta 475w 80+ Bronze PSU for $15 used.
Or I could get a new Apevia Venus 450w for $22,p_n_feature_keywords_two_browse-bin:6906982011|6906983011|6906984011|6906985011&rnid=6525659011&sr=8-3
What would you trust more? A used OEM unit or an incredibly cheap new PSU?

Any other suggestions? I would really like the name brand for reliability sake.

My last HiPro PSU ran for a long time in my PC, so I am thinking used Delta or the HiPro.
Ill just bridge the green wire to ground and turn the PSU on with the switch on back or wall plug.

I already had one of those molex power supplies with a sata to molex adapter for this purpose.

I thought the PSU stopped working and when i went to test the SATA to Molex adapter with my cx550m it caught on fire and killed my hdd. I dont want to try this again.

So yea. I dont have any more Molex to SATA adapters.
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perhaps you can explain why you want to plug the HDD into the laptop in the first place.

Are you looking to actually use it as storage, or are there files on it that you want to get off and backup?

Either way, you can go the route of using any old PSU to power it and connect it the way you are trying to do, but money would be better spent on a proper USB interface device instead, so that you can take it on the go, and use it in the future on any HDD with any system.

as long as your laptop has USB 3.0 you can get a simple and cheap adapter like this one

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