Question Rebuilding a RAID

Aug 12, 2020
Firstly, if this has been asked a million times, I apologize.

I searched Tom's forums and google, but no luck...well, not for my specific situation. That said, maybe I just don't know what to look for.

Basically my RAID is "toast" and I'm attempting to "recover" data from it.

Due to poor cable management and a broken SATA clip, the disks for my RAID were mixed up. Thus RAID went poof.

I tried a few things to fix it, but no such luck. I was cognizant not to reformat or destroy data. fingers crossed

Since the mix-up, I built a new PC; went from a Intel to AMD build (basic info below).

I don't know if this is a issue or not, but it appears Windows 10 still sees the 3 disks as one drive.
  • Confirmed new mobo has RAID disabled in bios
  • I reconnected the disks to the old mobo and changed the setting from RAID to AHCL. However this was just a straight mobo setup...I didn't have a OS installed/connected.
  • Not sure if that will make a difference
If anyone can offer helpful suggestions or solutions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Old PC
Windows 7
Intel Chipset: Asus P8Z78

New PC
Windows 10
AMD Chipset: Asus B450

RAID (Before it died)
RAID Type: Software (Intel)
RAID Config: RAID 5
RAID Disks: 3 x 1.8 TB (Hitachi)

Q: Why didn't you label your cables/slot?
A: I-R-Dumb

Q: Don't you know a Software RAID is junk?
A: I do now; so yes

Q: Don't you know a RAID is not a back-up?
A: Pls see answer to software RAID question. That said, I do have a lot of my data backed up on 2 other drives...but I'm missing docs and photo's from say the last 6-12mos.

I've attached pics of anything I think would clarify my problem. I don't have a lot of knowledge with RAID's, so I may be missing something very simple, or something HUGE.

My Computer!AoiX06wAbL3thh0l1oyX6JwYeht0

Device Manager!AoiX06wAbL3thh6ZAccvQ3_YO3jB?e=rJnQdw!AoiX06wAbL3thhoZXb6JAbmpdNN4?e=rwQkPJ

Disk Director!AoiX06wAbL3thheAUKPLYbYUVawE?e=Brnq2p

Disk Health!AoiX06wAbL3thhmEq-hp3KTVVuol?e=nsbeFK!AoiX06wAbL3thhyB_CfIZDjXasjR?e=960ywD
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