Rebuilt Computer Slow

Oct 20, 2018
Hello everyone, I'm a tech student and I've been rebuilding and putting old parts to good use, well about a week ago, I fixed my brother's computer he said I can have if i can Frankenstein it back to life as it was having issues and not powering up before hand.

My Specs are:
OS: Windows 10 Home
CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six Core 3.5 GHZ
Graphics: AMD Radeon 550 Series (4gb)// Also i have 4gb of vram so about 8gb of total graphics memory.
RAM: 8192MB Ram
system manufacturer: MSI
Motherboard MSI 970 Gaming.
Hard Drive 750gb(It is a laptop hard drive from a friend and it has passed performances tests and runs good)
Power Supply: Corsair 600M

All Drivers are fully updated as of yesterday, I've changed visual effects, I just have regular windows 10 antivirus, I've checked all processor and gpu performance while browsing and gaming and they are all good, as well as i have 5 fans total running so it stays cool, but the pc itself still is slow to boot and when trying to laugh clients and games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft, the client are slow and sometimes unresponsive, then a few seconds later will refresh and are sometimes a little faster after they refresh themselves, It's frustrating and I haven't run into an issue like this before.

I also had an issue where if i played GTA V, I would get into story mode and play for about 5 minutes, then computer display would freeze and a buzzing sound was coming from the monitor, and I would have to restart the computer to unfreeze it.

Thank you to anyone who can help! I greatly appreciate it.



The laptop HDD is likely the culprit (boot time and responsiveness). Those are often rather slow (comparatively speaking). You could also be dealing with a heat issue.

What are your CPU and GPU operating temperatures at idle and under load?