Question Reccomendation for a Pico PSU and brick

Hello, I am currently working on a case mod. I am building a computer in a early 1990s CD player.

There is not a lot of room to work with, and an ATX PSU is too tall in even its shortest dimension to fit. SFX might have worked, but I opted to install an optical drive to keep CD playback a possibility, and there is definitely not enough room now.

I will add photos later of the little space I have.

I am looking for a Pico PSU to use with an external power brick. This system will be for gaming, but not high power draw at all. I have most but not all parts ordered, but here are the specs:

Ryzen 3 3200g w/ low profile cooler
Integrated Vega 8 Graphics
8 or 16gb of unknown ram
Kingston 240gb M.2
HikVision 240gb 2.5in (both SSDs were crappy spare ones I have no better use for)
Lite On Sata Optical drive

I would like some recommendations on pico PSUs in current config, and then some recommendations for one if I were to add in a GPU like a GTX1650 (and somehow make it fit).

Budget is not set, not sure how much I need to spend. Less is better as always.