Question Recently bought RX6600 but performance under the expected? Help?

Aug 9, 2022
Hi, here youthmp, here it is my config:

*TOWER: ATX Coolermaster N300 N2 USB 3.0
*PROCESSOR: Intel i5 6400 (2.7 GHz) Socket 1151
*SOURCE: Seasonic S12II 520W 80+ Bronze
*RAMS: Kit G.SKill 16 GB DDR4 2133MHz (2x8) (I know I also have a bottleneck in RAMS for my configuration).
*SSD: Samsung EVO SSD 870 QVO( upgrade of about 1 year)
*HDD: Western Digital 1TB Sata III 64MB Blue HDD (no upgrade required)
*GPU: MSI RX 6600 8GB MECH (Recent Update)

So, I already know that I have to upgrade both my motherboard and cpu so I can get more advantage of this GPU. Also, I just play 1080p games and by the advice I took they said that would be a budget gpu but with very good performance.

The problem is that I am getting in a game such as League of Legends, an average of 80 FPS with a OMEN monitor of 144hz which is capped for that on the game.

My question is should I do something like undervolt or some kinda software update so I can get more advantage of this GPU?

I used to have 400+ fps on league with my old r9 390 this was 5 years ago and I know the game has changed but to have below 100fps on a game like LoL with a rx6600 I think it's kinda weird ( or not) since my build doesn't fit the GPU.

I would like to know your opinions and have some feedback if this is normal.

PS: I set a fan curve on AMD catalyst and I get normally 60ºC is this also normal?

Very grateful for your attention,

Aug 9, 2022
Check your cpu and gpu usage, using afterburner. You can use their OSD feature to view it in real time, as you play.
So what you mean is that I can check my GPU and CPU usage if they are being at full throttle? I know LoL is a CPU bound game still I'd expect more from this MSI MECH 6600...
Aug 9, 2022
Yea it will tell you what your CPU and GPU usage is. You can even monitor per core utilization, for your CPU. I do suspect though that your CPU and ram combo are holding you back.

Yes that was my biggest suspection, since then I'll have to wait to make a upgrade on my motherboard CPU and rams.

Thanks alot everyone!
@youthmp I got told to buy the rx 6600, which I ended up doing and I played games like Valorant, Fivem, and so on and Im also getting the same or worse fps than my previous gpu which was the gtx 970 g1 gaming. Dont know what to do either.

CPU:i7 6700k
Motherboard: Z170x Gaming 6
dang, that should be the perfect setup for 1080p

You should DDU all drivers available in safe mode then reboot and install the latest drivers.

What psu do you have? That is a decent setup