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Question Recommendation for a wireless adapter

Dec 23, 2019
I am new to pc and looking to buy a wireless adapter for my pc for likw wifi and stuff i played on xbox and got around 100Mb speed is there any adapters that are affordable that i could get maybe 100-200MB download speed or nah?
Way to hard to even guess what speed you can get from any adapter. How your house is built and all your neighbors also using wifi will greatly impact the performance. These factors tend to have much more impact that particular adapters.

Key is size matters. The best, an unfortunately the most expensive option, are internal PCIE cards that have antenna mounted on short cables. PCIE cards in general put out full legal power but their antennas are located very close to the back of the case which blocks signals. The extension cables help with this issue.

USB devices are a huge pain. The size of the device is even more important because most antenna are internal. The very tiny units also have very tiny antenna. The other problem is USB devices tend to be marketed to the portable devices. These are concerned about battery power usage. Many small USB devices transmit at lower power to conserve battery.

In general the best USB devices come with a extension USB cable and a stand to mount the device. These are targeted at desktop users so tend to have larger antenna and full power output.

A USB extension cable tends to help any USB devices because it gets it away from the metal case.