Recommendation for novice overclocker


Dec 4, 2007
I'm looking at a new build around a Q6600, that I'm going to OC to 3.0 GHz. I have built computers before, but I've never overclocked anything. This is a pretty simple build, no RAID, just a single hard drive and a single optical drive (both SATA), but I thinking that I should get a motherboard with 2 PCIe x16, so Crossfire can be an option in the future (if I go ATI). Also, I'm looking at underclocking 2x2GB of DDR2-800 ram.

So what motherboards to you guys recommend for the above overclock? I was looking at the abit IP-35 Pro, but after reading about some of the heatsink issues I've become a little skittish. I'm really looking for a reliable/easy to setup board more than the greatest possible overclocker. I've poked around, but haven't been able to find too much info on reliabilty/ease of use.

My budget for a motherboard is ~$150, but its flexible. However, I don't want to be buying more motherboard than I need, so cheaper is always better.

What do you guys think?