Recommendations for new graphic card


Apr 23, 2008
So recently i bought a Hp pavilion p7 from best buy for about $470. i want to know what graphic card i can put in without changing the power supply.

The spec for my computer are:
a8 5500
6gb ddr3
1tb hard drive

The only game i play is world of warcraft and so far i play it pretty smoothly at 1980x1080 resolution with everything set to high and some good but im just worried when i get into raiding that it will start lagging. I heard the 7750 i believe can be crossfire with the 7560D but im not sure. But if you guys can tell me which card i can just plug in that will be great

thank you all =)
HP specs give the power supply wattage. Can you post? There are many different Hp pavilion p7 models.

HD7750 is the strongest card you can get that doesn't need a power connection (pulls all its power from the PCIe slot). I think an HD7750 is strong enough that you would *not* crossfire it with the 7560D, instead you would turn off the video in the A8. Here is a ref to support that guess :...Out of curiosity, we attempted to pair our Trinity APU with reference cards from the AMD Radeon HD 7000 series; however, both the Radeon HD 7770 and HD 7750 failed to work in tandem with our A10-5800K under the auspices of the AMD Dual Graphics technology. This is surprising considering that the GPU model within the APU is supposed to be equivalent to the discrete edition, yet they do not cooperate. We'll get more input from AMD on this matter...."