[SOLVED] Red Devil 5700 XT. My dwindling patience


Feb 23, 2018
So. Like many I've found, I get the dreaded "Display driver amdkmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered." error, event 4101.
Here's a list of things I've done! I only get the error during gaming, not while browsing the net or watching youtube.
  1. Used DDU to uninstall and reinstall multiple versions of the driver software. From 19.10.2 to the current 20.10.1
  2. Tested my ram. For eight hours. No errors.
  3. Testing my video card. No problems that I can find.
  4. Downclocked my video card.
  5. Replaced my PSU (A Corsair 750 tx with a Corsair RM 850x.)
  6. Used two seperate PCIE cables to power the video card.
  7. Put the TDR Delay in the registry.
  8. Turned XMP off on my motherboard
  9. Used an HDMI cord instead of a DP cord.
  10. Set my 144mhz monitor to 120mhz, and 100mhz.
  11. Turned off freesync
  12. Reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 10
  13. Threaten my computer with a baseball bat
  14. Prayed
  15. Cried (tears of frustration, mind you)
So. Based on my extensive attempts at troubleshooting, I can say it is either maybe my motherboard, or it is simply the drivers and I need to put my head in a wall.
The issue is, I'm still using my trusty 4790k Intel processor, meaning I'm using a z97 motherboard with an lga 1150 slot. Did you know that a new lga 1150 z97 motherboard can run between 300-600 dollars? Yeah.
Am I missing anything? Something? Bueller?