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Question Reformat invalid dynamic drive without data loss

May 26, 2020
I bought a sheath for my old laptop's hard drive, but Windows doesn't allow me to access its contents. Disk management says it's Invalid and Dynamic, and won't let me reactivate it. Minitool, when I try to convert it to basic, says "Failed to convert the specified dynamic disk". I know the data on it is still good, as when I view it in Linux it works fine after fixing ntfs.

How might I return this drive to a state usable by Windows Home without losing data? If there's no way, I can use Linux and move the files directly to a new harddrive before wiping it or I can get Windows Pro, but if possible I'd like to avoid those routes.

Thank you


Aug 28, 2017
you cant convert to basic, a dynamic disk what contains volumes or data under windows, after youll back up data and delete volumes, should convert no problem and use it as u like it.

try different 3rd party software, like EaseUS Partition Master,AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional , but i never used it.

if you have another connectors on pc to attach to hdd, try other sata ports .

open cmd as administrator : type and jt enter
list disk
select disk X (X is number of your dynamic disk, compare volume size disk )
online disk

close cmd try access again.

if its bootable hdd, boot in it.

there is no much you can do... find space, back up data, delete volumes, convert, use it
AFAICT, the 986GB volume is inconsistent, so I would use Linux to backup your data to another drive.

If you double-click either of the Spinboi volumes and then expand the $Root, hopefully DMDE will show your file/folder structure. I think it may be possible to restore the basic partition, but it is not clear how many sectors have been overwritten, so I would need to have the drive in front of me.

In any case, if Linux fails to recover your data, DMDE should work for you.