Question Regarding Ammoon AGM-02 and USB Connection


Jun 12, 2017
Hello, so I am using an Ammoon AGM-02 Audio Interface along with a Maono AU-A03T Condenser Microphone. The Interface comes with a USB A to SUB B 2.0 cable. Here are my specs:

Mobo: Asus EX-H310-V3
Processor: Intel i5 9400f
Ram: Kingston Hyperfury 2x8gb
GPU: Zotac GTX1060 6GB
PSU: Gigabyte P650B

On the back of the motherboard, there are 6 USB slots. 2x 2.0, 2x 3.0, 2x 3.2.

The audio interface was working fine yesterday, connected to a 3.2 usb port. It was plug and play, according to the manual and drivers were automatically installed.

When I turned on my computer today, the screen showed up stating that there is USB Overcurrent. When I removed the Audio Interface, my PC worked fine again. I tried transferring the connection to a 2.0 interface and the problem recurred. However, when connected to a 3.0 port, it would work fine and said screen would not pop up. I also removed any usb port connected to the port next to the interface. I just wanna ask if this would cause any future problems and what can be possible work arounds for this. Thank you!


Retired Mod
Sounds like a motherboard specific issue to me. I'd go to the product page for your motherboard and make sure I have the most recent stable BIOS version installed as well as the latest motherboard chipset, network adapter and audio controller drivers as available on the ASUS product page for that motherboard.

And while it is plug and play, you might also look for updated firmware on the manufacturer product pages for your audio interface and microphone too.
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