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Jul 22, 2019
Hello fine People.
Couldn't find a good category for this question so I put it in network.

We have a problem with RDP closing when minimizing the RDP Windows, it only happens for one user.
If he minimize the RDP window, he has to log back in when he maximize it again. It started suddenly and the user account is not an admin, so he couldn't have changed anything.
I haven't changed anything on the user account since it worked fine either.

All other users can minimize and then continue working when maximizing again. But not this one user.

Server is Windows 2016
Client machine for the user is Win 7 pro.

Anyone know what does this? Can't find anything in the user account that should make this happen.


I googled the following: "RDP app closes when window minimized" just as a generic starting point.

( Vary the search criteria as applicable to match the details of the problem within your environment.)

Here is one of a variety of links that appeared:

An "older" link but that is not to be unexpected with respect to Windows 7.

Found this link also:

Note that disabling Visual Styles seems to be one fix.

And last but not least:

For the most part editing the registry is not recommended. However, you will likely find similar links/solutions sooner or later.

Look for some consistence with respect to any suggested registry edits. Still consider registry editing a last resort.

So if you do find that a registry edit is the only fix then be sure that the entire PC is backed up and also make a backup of the registry.

Regedit should prompt you to do so at the beginning.
Jul 22, 2019
Thanks for the reply, but none of those threads deal with the problem we have.
The server is fully responsive, everything keeps running on the account, its just that minimizing the RDP window acts just like closing it and reopening it.
The user just have to log back in with his password and can then keep working.
Its still annoying as he alternates alot between the local machine and the RDP session to the server.