Question Removing a drive letter from a System reserved partition


Nov 4, 2020
Hi there,

I built a pc about 2 years ago and never really looked back on the stuff I had done with it, now I'm hearing from people that the System reserved partition shouldve even be visible normally. I also find it pretty annoying that my HDD doesnt have the D: drive letter but F:. How do I remove the drive letter from System reserved, I've firstly asked it on big discord server for PC users and they said it was most likely not safe to just remove the drive letter.

Is it also a problem that my HDD is assigned to Disk 0 & my nvme SSD to Disk 1?


Apologies, I don't understand much about the topic. I tried looking through forums myself but without many clear answers, hoping to seek some answers here since it seems most reliable!

Thank you.
nvme at end of disk list is normal
you can remove drive letter, right click that partition, click on change drive letter and path, and in there you can remove it

you can change drive letter on F partition same way, but some programs may stop working if installed on that drive