Question rendering issues

Feb 14, 2019
I'm currently having rendering issues when i play fortnite on 120 fps. Early in the game the buildings wont load in properly. This problem doesn't occur when I'm not streaming but when i do i cant run 120 fps i have to turn it down to 60 even though i have a rtx 2070 graphics card and a 144 hz 1ms monitor. Does anyone know a solution to my problem if so that would be amazing!

PC Specs Desktop - Intel Core i5 7400 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 - 1TB Hard Drive
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If I'm assuming correctly, you are streaming your game correct?
And if so, when you are not streaming everything is fine, but when you are, your game has issues?

This would be due to the fact that streaming with software like OBS and stuff uses a decent amount of CPU just to run and encode a stream, then on top of this, your game needs a decent amount of CPU as well to do it's thing.
With an i5 7400, you are not going to be able to stream and game at the same time super well, since the CPU usage at that point will exceed 100% usage to do both and will cause bad frame rates and other issues such as object load in on a large open world map and will also case issues with the stream such as skipping and dropping frames creating stutter and lag in your stream.

An i5 7400 has only 4cores and 4 threads (one thread per core) and this is not good enough for both gaming and streaming at the same time. And i7 with 4cores and 8 threads is what you need at the least in order to effectively stream and game at the same time, but still at lower graphic settings and lower stream quality settings.