Question Repair shop said there was no problem, computer won't boot up now

Feb 17, 2020
My Specs are: ryzen 1700, gtx 970, rm750i PSU, asus motherboard and corsair ram (information is kept on my pc go figure).

About a week and a half ago my pc just stopped Booting/Posting all together, not even a split-second bootup like other times there's been issues. After a week I took it to the shop, where as of yesterday when picking it up, I was given a funny look and told that the pc is in fine working order, and I was able to use it most of the day and into the night. Fast forward to this morning however, and the same issue has reappeared, only this time I feel like I've run out of options by taking it to "professionals" to get it sorted


Take the entire system apart, go back to basics and assemble it outside of the case. Add one component at a time. See if it persists. (Minimum in your case is motherboard, CPU, power supply, a single stick of memory and the GPU to get a picture, you can confirm it works without the GPU by looking/listening to boot codes)

Might have a loose or pinched wire somewhere. Bad connection. Transporting it may have temporarily fixed it.

Since your PSU is modular, swap cables where possible. Had a shorted SATA connector stump me for a few hours on a friends build, we just had to toss that power cable, everything worked after that.

Check your peripherals, shorted mice and keyboards with pinched wires can cause no-POST due to shorted 5V wires. Check your USB ports for physical damage.

Beyond that, check your local power situation. If you have a voltmeter, measure your wall outlets, and power coming out of any surge suppressors, or anything else you might have plugged in. At a minimum, change outlets, maybe power cables as well. Obviously it worked in their environment, so could be your place. Bad breaker, ground loops.