Question Replacing fan internals


Mar 7, 2018
Howdy all,
I have some old computer fans I want to use. They are super cool UV reactive and there's not really anything else like them. Problem is, they are 3 pin and don't even seem to be DC controlled. Now here comes the IT part, can you swap out fan internals or has anyone done this before? Its pretty pointless to do but I am wondering if anyone has even heard of someone doing it. I was able to get the o ring that holds the blade on off, the magnet inside the fan comes off after soaking in warm water for a while. The actual little PCB board itself is what's causing me issues. Its pressed on or something. I have tried prying with a pic, hitting back side with a punch and soaking in water. Only thing left would be breaking off the arms and putting the whole other fan mount in. Anyone know how they build them? Any input is welcome, but I am not gonna stop trying.