[SOLVED] Replacing Stock CPU Cooler on my Studio XPS 9100. Stock is a P281K.

May 26, 2020
I'm looking to replace the stock CPU cooler with more modern hardware. My current one just recently broke on my only desktop computer. Finding something similarly aged as a p281k is hard to justify since they are much better and newer options available. I checked a seller of a p281k and noticed that the one in the picture had a crack on the mounting screws which is the same problem I had with my p281k.

I do not know about voltages or power consumption. I just want something new that won't break and can fit the mounting screws on my motherboard.

Do all CPU coolers share a universal size? I cannot find size specs when browsing CPU coolers.

The model of computer I have is a Studio XPS 9100. The motherboard closely resembles the Dell XPS 9100, LGA1366 Socket, Intel (5DN3X) Motherboard.
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