News Report: Nvidia Approached Arm About Acquisition

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they only make around 300M ~a year from it. its goign to take YEARS to make profit off it.
How do you know that?

there best bet is selling it to Nvidia to cut their loss as ARM is alreayd likely on its downfall due to stuff like RISC- V .
There's a lot more life left in ARM than x86. I can tell you that, for sure.

Also, nothing is to say that ARM won't use its considerable design talent to create RISC-V IP blocks, though it couldn't charge quite as much for them.

It also has other IP beyond just CPU cores. Don't forget about their Mali GPUs, computer vision processors, deep learning blocks, and I forget what their SoC-level interconnect fabric is called. I'm not sure if they also have memory controllers, PCIe, etc. or if their customers have to buy those from someone else.

Nvidia obtaining it is its best shot to actually take off again.
They are a leader in GPU's so they have brand to draw investors and the staff to improve on it (most likely)
As others noted, you're looking at a major culture clash. Nvidia is highly proprietary in most things it does, and all their hardware is delivered in the form of chips. ARM is in the IP business and creating/supporting a platform and ecosystem that requires a lot of openness to attract partners and developers. I'm skeptical that Nvidia's ownership of ARM would be good for it.
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