Question Resetting Router Daily Due to Slow Speeds... Please Help

Aug 20, 2020
I just recently moved into my new home, I'm paying for 1000mbps internet. I've had ISP come out over 5 times now (I've lost count). I was only getting about 25 mbps download. Every time they'd try something different. I've installed new cables, all new barrel connectors, had repairmen come repair my box on my powerline, and I just bought a Nighthawk C7000 Router Modem Combo to ensure I'm not limiting my speeds. I was only getting around 50mbps download once all of this was said and done. I reset my modem/router the other day and to my surprise my speeds made it up between 400 and 500 mbps. However, the next day they fell back down to 50 mbps again. Everytime I reset my router they go up for a while. I'm trying to figure out what the issue is. (As a side note I'm on a CAT-6 Ethernet cable (also brandnew) on my PC.) Please help... I'm drowning here.

UPDATE: I've timed the fallback from when I reset my Modem and it goes to around 500mbps and falls back to around 50mbps. It takes an average of 34 Minutes.


First ensure that only the wired network adapter is enabled on your PC. The wireless network adapter should be disabled.

Run "ipconfig /all" via the Command Prompt on your PC. Post the results.

Look in the router's logs (if available and enabled) some event may be being noted/captured therein.

Also look in Reliability History for any error codes, warnings, or even informational events that correspond with the 34 minute interval.

Also, next time the speeds drop go into the Command Prompt and type "ipconfig /flushdns".

Determine if speed recovers.