Question Resolution issues with new GPU and second monitor

Hello, my RX5700 somehow died completely yesterday, so I threw in the best GPU I had spare, which was an EVGA XC GTX1660 6g. I booted in safe mode, ran DDU, and installed latest Nvidia drivers. My main ViewSonic monitor works fine over DisplayPort at 1080p 144hz, however I am having issues with my second monitor which is a BenQ GW2270 1080p 60hz. It worked fine with my previous GPU. It is connected to the 1660 using a known good DVI cable on both ends. I have tried a HDMI to dvi cable and this did not change anything.

I noticed after installing drivers and rebooting my pc, the BenQ monitor was at a lower resolution. I went into Nvidia control panel and noticed the only resolutions available are 1024x768 or 800x600. If I set a custom resolution of 1920x1080 the screen becomes blurry.

This is very hard to show on camera, but the text is very difficult to read and it almost gives me a headache. It appears to be running at 1080p given the size of icons and such, but it is very blurry. If I unplug my ViewSonic and just use the BenQ, the issue is still there.

Also, some times the BenQ monitor will just not be detected on boot and I have to reboot to get any display.

Nvidia control panel:

I noticed Nvidia control panel cannot identify the BenQ monitor, and device manager does not identify either monitor.

I assumed I needed to install the drivers for the monitor so I went to BenQ's site and downloaded the latest drivers for my monitor. The folder it downloads unfortunately does not contain an executable. The files in it look like this:
If I go into device manager and try to update the drivers for the monitor by pointing it to the folder i downloaded from benq, it simply says the best driver is already installed for your device.

Any clue how to fix this issue?