Question Resolution stuck at 640x480

Rayni Montgomery

Jun 22, 2013
So I had a game crash and instantly my resolution dropped to 640x480 and the drop down box in display setting is greyed out.
When I switch over to integrated graphics the resolution is normal and no longer greyed out but when I switch back to my gpu it's still stuck at 640x480.
I've had this (or similar) happen in the past but I can't for the life of me remember how I fixed it. I've deleted and reinstalled drivers and cleared cmos, unplugged and re plugged, turned off and on, all the basic stuff. I believe last time I changed something in the bios to fix the issue but I cannot remember what it was.
Also the screen is zoomed in, when I open something I can only see part of it. Screen magnifier doesn't change it.
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It looks zoomed because resolution is low.

Uninstall gpu drivers with ddu and power down. Remove gpu from motherboard, inspect pcie slot and clean it with isopropyl and cotton buds.

Install card and try again. There shouldn't be anything in bios that would cause or fix gpu behaving this way.

Good luck. Im afraid if above doesn't work then the gpu is giving out, or psu isn't up to task anymore.

What's your full specs btw?