Build Advice Resurrecting 8+ year build or not?


Apr 18, 2016
I've had my first build since I made it (AMD FX-8350) back in 2014 along with a Geforce 750 Ti and 16 GB ddr3. Right before the pandemic I was planning to upgrade the GPU as the last I was going to spend on that build, but then I realized my board was only running at 8x in the PCI-Ex. Board is a Gigabyte 990xa UD3- Rev3. I ran some tests and confirmed the GPU was not the problem, later I found the USB ports struggled to power external hard drives, here is evidence of the aging of the board, yesterday while my computer was sleeping I forgot I had it like that and proceeded to change a light fixture in the kitchen (I had to cut off the power) and I had the AC-Back feature set to last state, which powered on the computer, when I found out the computer was running, no display no beeps and the cooler was unusually cool, tried resetting, no luck, tested another PSU, switched RAMs (at this point I realized that the HDD light was off the whole time) so I reseated the CPU, then I took the risk of a 2nd degree burn and ran the system without heatsink and placed my thumb on the CPU, after 30 seconds I could barely feel anything, got warm but very slightly, so I guess my board is shot. Here's the dilemma, when I assembled it was of course for gaming and I eventually played countless of hours, nowadays I was running Docker/Kubernetes and running VM's just fine, my gaming is very casual and without an HD display pretty smooth (even running in 8x) I still don't know what to do, I've searched on wallapop (sorta the spanish Craigslist) and found an Asus Sabertooth 990FX for around 75 €, should I start over a new build from the ground or keep using the good-ol FX?