Question Retro Game Console/Pc Hybrid

Jun 2, 2019
Hi Everyone! I am currently working on my Retro Game Console/Pc hybrid. The thing is i still need advices and suggestions. I made my own games, i wrote my own kernel and so on. So, could someone please help me about patents, trademarks and licenses that i should apply to my product? Any comments, suggestions and reactions would be accepted. I will accept constructive criticsm and hate comments. Thank you and have a nice day.
Is there a way that will not needa lawyer? For the meantime?
No you absolutely need a lawyer to search and see if you infringe on any patents,if you don't have patents and someone steals from you you only lose potential winnings,if you infringe on someone else they will sue you and you will lose money out of your pocket.
If you can also claim new patents for yourself then even better but protecting yourself from being sued by big companies has to be your biggest concern right now.